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10 Tours for Small Groups in Whistler

The resort has been luring group trips to its little haven in the mountains for years and has since built up quite the range of tours for small groups in Whistler. With your time in Whistler being limited, unfortunately you won’t be able to do everything. Though at least you have an excuse to come back! If you happen to be strapped for time, booking tours is the easiest way to see the best Whistler has to offer, as you will be guided by locals that come with their insider knowledge at your disposal. The best tours to do with your group will generally vary on what time of the year you plan your trip.

But don’t fret, no matter what time of year your squad head to Whistler, there will never be a dull moment. Let’s get your Whistler bucket list under way so your group can start ticking off those check boxes. Here are our top 10 tours for small groups in Whistler.

Whistler Tasting Tours

Being taken under the wing of a long time local, one who is familiar with the hidden gems and going off the beaten tourist path of their home city is a must do when visiting a new place. We’ve all been there at least once before, and it is undoubtedly the best way to get to know your host city and all it has to offer.

Whistler Tasting Tours have a simple philosophy – ‘Good Food. Good Wine. Good People. Good Times.’ They are here to help you bring their philosophy to life. Their guides take bookings of at least two people on tours that promise a pit stop at Whistler’s finest eateries. Expect to immerse in your guides knowledge of the local area, before introducing you to some seriously mouth-watering menus…and of course wine!

By rolling with these guys, you might even have the opportunity to meet the owners and chefs at some of the restaurants you dine at.

Superfly Ziplines

Whether you’re here for a bachelor’s do, birthday, team bonding trip or family vacation, an exhilarating adventure tour is bound to foster memories your group will be talking about for life. Imagine your crew soaring through the air one after the other, taking in the breathtaking view from above. At Superfly Ziplines, their tour options are sure to get your group talking.

With four side by side ziplines hovering above an old growth forest, you will be flying at up to 100km/hour, 600 feet high and for over 1 kilometre. With that said, it’s time to find out who the nervy of your group are!

Find out why these guys pride themselves as the most exciting and visually stunning zipline in the world. Embark on one of their hourly tours departing the Village from 9am – 4pm daily.

Craft Beer Brewery Tour

All that zipping, skiing and snowball throwing can be tough work! It’s time to quench your thirst and discover Whistler’s thriving craft beer scene. Each of you will of course have a different preference of taste. But luckily at Whistler, local digs that stock or brew craft beer are pouring a vast variety of seasonal and signature flavours.

The Canadian Craft Whistler Brewery Tour are happy to lend you one of their beer geeks for around four hours. The tour includes a pour at all three brewery visits to Whistler Brewing, Whistler Brew House and Coast Mountain Brewing.  Your on-call beer geek will even pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, so get sippin’!

Snowmobiling in Whistler


Take your group on a Canadian adventure and snowmobile your way through the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Choosing a snowmobile as your mode of transport is the best way to get up close to Whistler’s most serene Winter sights. But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Make the trip up like a true local and indulge in a full Canadian Yukon breakfast in a mountain lodge at the top of Sproatt Mountain. A massive feast of Yukon gold potatoes, bell peppers, Canadian back bacon, real maple syrup and much more will be cooked on an old fashioned wood stove. Snowmobiling up the mountain to enjoy a full Yukon breakfast before wandering off into the alpine…now it doesn’t get any more Canadian than that!

RZR Tour

Whistler has plentiful backcountry to explore, but are you ready to really see it all? Expect to get muddy and very dusty on an RZR tour with The Adventure Group. Take turns in firing up the engine and ripping it through the rugged terrain, while making must see stops at some of Whistler’s best view points. Choose to either jump into either a 2-seat or 4-seat RZR, and hold on tight because it can tend to be a wild ride!

The Adventure Group offer multiple tour options including their ‘Alpine Sunrise’ for the early birds, ‘Wilderness Ride’ for the wild at heart, and the ‘BC Tour’ for 2.5 hours of lush temperate rain forests, glacial lakes and breathtaking views.

RZR Tour with The Adventure Group

4×4 Tour

Saying goodbye to paved roads is the first step to experiencing Whistler’s backcountry up close and personal. Your group can hop into a Jeep with a guide who will have you climbing mountains, seeing wildlife and experiencing the wilderness, with the changing mountain colours dishing up a new sight around every turn. With four tour options available, there is a tour fit for every group’s liking’s. Choose to either tackle Blackcomb Mountain, embark on a journey to view a stunning alpine sunset, or explore the magnificent Callaghan Valley. If you’re feeling a little extra, opt to ride in a luxurious Porsche before indulging in a picturesque sunset BBQ. This is Whistler’s very own safari, the perfect tour option for small groups in Whistler.

Bear Viewing

Speaking of safari’s, it’s time to meet Whistler’s resident fur family. With around 50 black bears wandering around Whistler during the Summer, you can’t visit Whistler without heading out on a bear viewing tour. While you might see some on your own throughout the Village, it’s best to book a tour to do so. Why? Because local guides track bear feeding patterns as they shift across the area. Thus, they will know exactly where to take you, and in the safety of a 4×4. Your group will have the opportunity to spot bear dens, daybeds and learn about local flora and fauna. Most tours are also lucky enough to encounter hawks, deer, marmots and even coyote, so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Heli Ice Cave Tours

A very unique experience at Canada’s largest, southernmost ice cap. This Winter Wonderland will have you all in awe as you’re taken through a swirling cavern of ice, full of ice formations with a kaleidoscope of colours reflecting from them.

Start the tour in a helicopter, flying across Whistler on a path right above where a variety of species call home due to the multiple high flowing rivers. This one of a kind experience takes you through the ice cap, deep into a labyrinth of aqua ice chambers. If that sounds a little daunting, don’t worry, there are a team of glaciologists that monitor the ice to ensure your safety. It will be more than worth it, we promise.

Glacier Tours

With glaciers between 10,000 and 12,000 years old atop Whistler Mountain, how can you not discover their ancient beauty! Booking a glacier tour comes with many options depending on what your group are up for. If you’re looking for an interpretive tour, your guide will lead you across the glacier to learn about the formation if this natural wonder.

For some groups, that option might seem like a bit of a bore, but there are other options for the thrill seekers too! Glacier glissading is the hybrid of sliding down an enormous slide and gliding through the snow on a toboggan – as you can imagine, it’s an epic ride! Your group can also opt to become a true mountaineer and learn how to ascend the glacier fitted out with boots, harnesses, ice axes and the rest of the works!

Whistler’s new Wine Walk runs every Friday night during October

Wine Walk

While this tour is restricted to October only, we couldn’t not mention the new kid on the block. For all you fine drinking winos out there, you will love Whistler’s new Wine Walk. If your group aren’t exactly into the beer scene, this option may have more hands raised in favour over the craft beer brewery tour. A soiree that spans across five galleries, you can enjoy a night full of art and fine wine. From 5pm – 7pm each Friday, tour through Whistler Village and take part in wine tastings, watching live painting, demonstrations and enjoy some delicious appetisers.

This list is just a snapshot of what tour options for small groups Whistler has to offer. With so many activities at the resort year-round, it is impossible to get through it all. Don’t forget to book your tours ahead of time. There is nothing worse than finding out that you are too late to the game!

Make your way through this list, and your group will undoubtedly make memories to cherish forever.