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7 Things to Do in Whistler on a Business Trip

In 2019, people are travelling for work more than ever, with many cities becoming hotspots for business trips of every kind. Whistler has gathered its fair share of conferences and other events, attracting numerous business professionals year-round.

Unlike while in your home city, it’s hard to simply knock off and call it a day as you walk through your front door. While away for business, it’s not as easy to just ‘switch off’. At the end of the day, the purpose of this trip is for work. Being unable to separate work from play is a recipe for a bad time. Instead of getting stuck in a rut, try these seven things to do in Whistler on a business trip.

Whistler has its fair share of good places to eat


Whistler is far from being limited to its Summer and Winter sports. The resort is home to even more perks with its unparalleled restaurants and cafes offering both typical Canadian cuisine and trending foodie culture. In a Village bursting at the seams with good food, it’s hard to know where to dine. Take it from the locals, don’t miss out on trying these eateries while visiting Whistler:

Bar Oso – This place is sure to have you swooning on not only their delectable Spanish plates, but they also do some pretty killer cocktails as well; With quirky mixes of maple bacon, citrus egg white and even pink peppercorn dust!

Bearfoot Bistro – Their vodka bar made entirely of ice attracts visitors from all over. What better way to end a day of business than in the worlds coldest vodka tasting room? Bearfoot Bistro also have a champagne lounge, patio and fine dining restaurant for you to enjoy.

Alta Bistro – Known for its farm to table quality, this French find will have you coming back for more. Though you’re unlikely to find the same menu when you return again, the chef is constantly shaking things up.

Christine’s on Blackcomb –Set upon Blackcomb Mountain is this gem that blesses its guests with picture perfect views of the valley and mountains below. This cozy setting and comforting meals are sure to have you feeling right at home.


Whether you do get a chance to get out on the slopes, or you have simply spent your entire day talking biz with your colleagues, rest and rejuvenation is due. In Whistler, the options of luxurious spas are at an abundance. When the day comes to an end, unwind at these top Whistler spas:

Scandinave Spa – This traditional Scandinavian paradise set amongst the Canadian mountains is ready to reset all the stress that comes with travelling with work. Plunge into Nordic waterfalls, soak in Eucalyptus steam baths and get cozy by the outdoor fireplace.

Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa – A little slice of Java has come to Whistler bringing ancient body and beauty rituals. Be treated like royalty with their signature massages and other award-winning therapies.

The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge – This gem is popular among those that live and work in the neighbourhood. Take to their rooftop hot tub before indulging in the many fine dining restaurant they have on site.

Aviva Massage spa – If you’re simply in need of an excellent massage that won’t burn a hole in your wallet, Aviva Massage Spa is your spot. Unwind with their 60 minute Swedish massage for just $94.99.

Scandinave Spa is popular among both locals and tourists

Helicopter Ride

See Whistler from above in luxury with a helicopter tour. If you’re time here is limited, this is the best way to experience the beauty of Whistler without having to venture out on a long journey. With a bird’s eye view of all the hotspots across the entire region, the view doesn’t get any better than this.

Blackcomb Helicopters have been providing heli-tours across Whistler for 30 years, offering a variety of different scenic experiences with backcountry landing. With tours taking as short as 12 minutes, you can definitely find time in your day for a glimpse at Whistler’s infamous beauty. Their three most popular experiences are as follows:

Whistler Explorer – An introduction to Whistler, with 12 minutes of hovering above turquoise waters and the surrounding dramatic landscape.

BC Experience – Spend 15 minutes landing on a glacier, as well as flying above the Cheakamus and Black Tusk.

Ultimate Experience – Take a private tour as your pilot guides you through the mountains, glaciers and crystal blue lakes. This tour takes you everywhere the BC Experience does, though also over the Garibaldi Lake and circles the Black Tusk.

Heli-tour above Whistler

Morning Hike

If you’re not getting down to business until midmorning, start the day off right with one of the many short hikes close to the village. Here are our top picks to get the day started with:
Train wreck – On a less than five-kilometre roundtrip, you will get to see a train wreck that has over the years been transformed into an incredible work of graffiti art. Reaching these mangled railway boxcars is pretty cruisy, with hardly any elevation along the way.

Lost Lake Loop – Complete the loop in an hour or so and be granted views of the Lake, as well as the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Take the free shuttle to the trailhead, otherwise you can also take the short walk from the village.

Parkhurst – A truly unique hike that weaves you along the scenic green river, and vistas of all three Whistler, Blackcomb and Rainbow Mountains. On the way, be spooked by the abandoned small logging town of Parkhurst where the forest is slowly consuming all of what is left of the once thriving town.

Catch a Whistler Sunrise or Sunset

Owing to Whistler’s dramatic terrain, the light bounces off every crevice, providing the most surreal views of the area. Serene moments experiencing just that are the perfect way to kick start your day…or end it. Whistler has hotspots with the perfect front row seat to watch the sun do its thing. Don’t miss:

Green Lake – The Lake sits perfectly below the west facing mountains, allowing you to watch the sun disappear before their pinks, as the dreamy colours of sunset reflect off the water.

Alta Lake – Fit for a postcard, Alta Lake dances with the first morning light. Head to either Rainbow or Lakeside Park, you will enjoy it equally at both.

Christine’s on Blackcomb – Chase a fiery sunset setting Whistler’s sky alight with a glass of your favourite drop in hand. Christine’s has scored the perfect seat on Blackcomb Mountain to see the night in.

Whistler Mountain – Of course, the view from the Whistler Summit at both sunrise and sunset is just waiting to be captured by your lens. This spot is not only the highest but also the easiest spot to get to; just take the Peak Express chairlift to what is known at the ‘Top of the World’.

Ziplining is a must do when visiting Whistler


With business trips often only running for a few days at a time, you may not get the chance to experience Whistler’s endless outdoor fun. If you do have some free time to fit in one activity, make it ziplining! Whistler is renowned as one of the best places to go ziplining in the world. Why? Because those views are unparalleled, they are a must see! Even better, you can zipline year-round; and no matter the weather, you are sure to have an equally amazing time. There are two companies to choose from in Whistler that both offer an exhilarating zip across Whistler.

Ziptrek Ecotours – Priding themselves on ensuring their environmental footprint is almost non-existent, Ziptrek climb each and every tree to move the cables up and down as needed. Rather than clearing a swath of forest–tick! They have six tours to choose from, with one of them, ‘The Sasquatch’, being the longest zipline in all of Canada and the USA! The incredible views seem to be endless around here.

Superfly – These guys pride themselves as the most exciting and visually stunning backcountry ziplines in the world, and rightfully so. Take your pick of four side by side ziplines that will have you soaring through Whistler’s mountain wilderness.

Get some work done

If you already have that work/play balance down pat, you may be simply on the hunt for the best place to get some work done since you are on a business tip after all. With our increasingly digital world pumping out more and more remote jobs each day, there is no wonder Whistler has jumped on and become home to coworking spaces too. Pack your laptop, and take advantage of the Wi-Fi at these spots:

EightyOne Whistler -The perfect spot for a casual meeting and bite to eat. EightyOne Café and Co-Working space is conveniently located at the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel.

Space – Get it done at this remote worker’s haven. Their moto – ‘Inspiring space to master your craft, expand your network and make your work-life balance a little more adventurous in Whistler.’

The Network Hub – Ensuring that your business never skips a beat, The Network Hub are conveniently located right on the village stroll, just moments from both the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain gondolas. Shared spaces start for as low as $10 an hour!

While away on business, removing yourself from that work zone is much easier said than done. If you find yourself a little stuck, make your way down this list and your trip is sure to become a thousand times better.


Whistler is a hiker’s paradise. Available throughout every season, you can hike trails of varying difficulty while at your own pace.