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All Day with the Kids? Whistler’s Activities for Children

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“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.” – Shanti

When your kids look back at their childhood they’re going to remember those happy moments where ran free, played outside, and explored new places, while being surrounded by the people they love the most — their family. Thats the future, but now you are in Whistler, and wondering all about the things to do in Whistler with kids. 

Whistler is a family-friendly resort town, with tons of activities for the kids

Planning activities for your children can be some of the most rewarding and challenging moments you’ll experience as a parent. Organizing a family outing involves a lot of initial questions – what to pack, what to wear, how much will it cost? How can I entertain my seven-year-old while my three-year-old clings to my leg? 

Do some of these questions sound familiar?

Although we don’t have the answers to all of your parenting questions, we can definitely offer up some advice when it relates to fun family outings, especially if you’re considering Whistler as your destination of choice. When it comes to a day in Whistler with the kids, we know just the recipe for cooking up an action-packed day of family fun.

A Guide to Whistler Activities for Kids

Your children – as much as you love and adore their company, there’s nothing more satisfying than when your child sleeps quietly through the night. If your aim is to give the kids such an action-packed day in Whistler that they’ll be exhausted and in bed by 7 p.m., then we know just the activities for you.

No better child friendly activity than exploring a Whistler Lake

Get ‘Lost’ at Lost Lake

For a fun-filled Whistler adventure with the kids, a trip to Lost Lake trail is a must. And, you don’t need to go far, the lake is an easy walk or bike ride from Whistler Village.

To get there, you’ll join the well-signed Valley Trail which will take you through lush green forests, scattered with lakes and streams that are waiting to be explored. If you head to Lost Lake in the spring, you might catch a glimpse of the little tadpoles that swim in the shallows of the lake from April to May.

For those of you with water-loving kids, a splash in Lost Lake is a given. During the warmer summer months, the lake reaches refreshing yet comfortable temperatures, perfect for swimming. If your kids are more experienced swimmers, you can even join them for a jump off the docks and floating platforms that sit on the lake.

Lost Lake also hosts a large grassed area with onsite BBQs, picnic tables, and a sandy beach perfect for throwing a frisbee or a playing a game of catch with the kids. Make a day of it — pack a family picnic or take advantage of the on-site concession area during your visit.

Try Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing at The Core Whistler is the ideal place encourage your kids to try something unique and adventurous – while tiring them out at the same time. Indoor climbing is also a go-to for those raining days when the whole family needs to burn off some stagnant energy.

The Core offers action-packed classes and camps for children four years and up – no climbing experience necessary. The camps are classes are hosted by friendly guides that teach your brave little ones climbing techniques, safety, and belaying skills.

Winter Camps run from December through mid to April and Summer Camps start at the beginning of June through to Labour Day. The Core’s camps are classes are extremely popular, so early reservations are strongly recommended.

Join in on the climbing adventure, or take the opportunity to drop the kids at a Core class or camp and give yourself a few kid-free hours to enjoy Whistler all by yourselves.

Meadow Park Sports Centre

Raining in Whistler? Head to the pool.

Rain or shine, the Meadow Park Sports Centre is the perfect location for kids and parents alike!  This world-class, award-winning multi-purpose recreational facility is located just 5 minutes north of Whistler Village on the Sea to Sky Highway.

The centre boasts an indoor skating rink, fitness facilities, basketball and squash courts and a pool (or should we say pools). If we have to pick one highlight of Meadow Park Sports Centre, we’d have to go with the aquatic centre. This pool playground is a kid’s paradise with a waterslide, a six-lane lap pool, a vortex. Added bonus? There are even hot tubs for the parents – your time to sit back and relax as the kids do their thing.

Bear Watching in Whistler 

Did you know that Whistler has over 60 black bears that call the region home?

Bear watching in Whistler is the ideal way to peak your children’s curiosity, while also teaching them how to best appreciate local wildlife in their natural habitat (at a safe distance of course).

The safest and most non-intrusive way to see black bears in the wild is through a bear watching tour. It’s a fun activity for the whole family and the perfect way to catch a glimpse of these beautiful animals from the safety and comfort of a Land Rover.

The best time to view a bear is during the spring and summer months as momma bear and her cubs will be out roaming the woods for food. When visiting the area in the May to early August and your chances of seeing a bear are about 80% to 95% – those sound like pretty good odds to use!

Ziplining with the Kids

Has your child ever muttered the words; “Mom, Dad, I want to be a superhero when I grow up!

Regardless if you’ve heard those words or not, we’re pretty confident that most kids would agree that it would be pretty cool if they had a chance to fly high in the sky.

Although we might not be able to make their superhero dream come true – there is a way to give the kids a taste of what it’s like to fly like a superhero. How? We suggest taking the whole family on a zipline adventure.

Zipline tours are available for children aged 7 and up or a minimum weight of 27 kgs (60lbs). You and your kids will be safely harnessed as you take off on an exhilarating high-wire flight – soaring over majestic views of mountain peaks, lakes, and lush green forests. Your kids will be talking about their ‘flying’ experience for years to come – it might even be the highlight of their Whistler trip.

A Ride on the Peak to Peak Gondola

A visit to Whistler isn’t complete without a trip up to the Peak to Peak Gondola – it’s truly the best way to get a bird’s eye view of one of the most scenic places on the planet!

Mom and Dad can enjoy the stunning 360 views of the Whistler mountains as the kids enjoy the thrill of riding the world’s highest gondola lift of its kind, at 1,427 feet above the valley floor (did we mention that’s an official Guinness Work Record?)

The Peak to Peak Gondola is accessible via the Whistler Village Gondola and the new Blackcomb Gondola. When planning your trip, keep in mind that lift operations vary depending on the time of year. The Peak to Peak Gondola reopens for the summer season from May 25 until early October. An added perk to riding the gondola? Admission for children six and under is free!

Magical Whistler Night walk 

Every child (and adult for that matter) deserves a little magic in their lives.

Whistler Night Walk referred to as The Vallea Lumina, is a is 1.5 km of mysterious and undulating trail that will lead you through enchanting coastal rainforest. The Vallea Lumina trail takes between 50 minutes to 80 minutes to complete but allocate about two hours in total to make time for transportation to its hidden location. The Night Walk opens in spring and runs throughout the summer months and offers a special rate for youth while children under five can experience it for it.

We really can’t think of a better way to close out the perfect action-packed day in Whistler with the kids, than with a magical walk through your a real-life fairy-tale.

Words cannot fully describe the wonder you’ll experience during your luminescent journey through The Vallea Lumina — it’s something you’ll have to try for yourself.

4 Free Activities in Whistler for Kids

We know you might already have an action-packed itinerary – but just in case you want to squeeze in a bit extra, here are some other fun activities to your list of things to do in Whistler with the kids. Bonus points – the following activities are all FREE!

  • Whistler Treehouse Playground – located at the Whistler Olympic Plaza, this playground is suitable for all kids – including toddlers. Added perk? It’s located smack dab in the middle of a wide array of coffee shops including Blenz, Purebread, and Starbucks. Can you picture yourself sipping on a warm beverage as the kids play to their heart’s’ content?  
  • Whistler Public Library Events – Fashioned like a wilderness mountain lodge, this centrally located facility offers a number of free activities for kids of all ages – from story time to mini-workshops, to meetups and more.
  • Whistler Hikes – this one might seem obvious, but if you’re a family that loves the great outdoors, Whistler offers an array of easy to moderate hiking trails that everyone in the family can enjoy. We recommend the Whistler Train Wreck Hike. This fairly flat, five-kilometre trail will take you through ancient forests to a derailed train site (hence where the trail gets its name).
  • Whistler’s Children Festival – Ok, this one’s not entirely free, but it’s worth an honourable mention. This festival takes place from July 5-7 and it features a mix of kid-friendly performances, classes and fun activities—many of which are included with the price of admission.

Got enough things to do in Whistler with kids? Wishing you a fun-filled family trip!