Bungee Jumping in Whistler BC

Leave your fears behind and take the plunge over Whistler’s glacial-fed Cheakamus River. This bungee jumping adventure puts you on a 160 ft (53 m) bridge and 300 ft (91 m) above some of the coldest river waters. If you’re an adrenaline thrill-seeker ready for a heart racing and exhilarating experience, book your jump no matter the weather and any time of the year.

What to Bring

  • Bug repellant
  • Camera
  • Heaps of courage
  • Clothing 100% optional (seriously!)

Adventure Tips

  1. 2 People can jump – strap in with your best friend or life partner and take the plunge together!
  2. Jump any time, in any weather (except lightning storms because the bridge is made of metal).
  3. Anyone can jump – children under the age of 19 must sign a waiver from a parent or guardian
  4. Jump naked if you want! It’s totally true: Jump. Naked.

Bungee Jumping Inquiries:


  • Chevron down Do I have to reserve my jump in advance?
  • Yes. All reservations must be made in advance. During peak season, it can be difficult to find a jump time that suits your travel dates. Book as early as you can to choose a jump time that accommodates your schedule.

  • Chevron down Do I pay in advance or start with a deposit?
  • You are required to pay the entire amount in advance to reserve your jump.

  • Chevron down Can I cancel my jump?
  • Yes. You can cancel your jump 24-hours in advance. If there is an emergency on the day of your jump, it will be rescheduled for a future date. Yes. You can cancel your jump 24-hours in advance. If there is an emergency on the day of your jump, it will be rescheduled for a future date.

  • Chevron down Will the weather affect my jump?
  • Rain, snow, and wind will never stop a bungee jump. However, all jumps are canceled due to lightning storms (the bridge is made of metal!)

  • Chevron down Is it O.K. to take pictures?
  • Yes. Bring your own camera and take as many pictures and videos as you want.

  • Chevron down I forget my camera, do you offer photographers to shoot my jump?
  • There are photographers on site that can provide photos of all your jumps for $40 (incl. tax). All photos will be shared to your phone immediately after your jump.

  • Chevron down Is this 100% safe?
  • It sure is. Whistler Bungee has a perfect record of over 200 000 jumps since 2002 without a single incident.

    All equipment used by Whistler Bungee has been specifically designed and engineered for these jumps. Whistler Bungee’s equipment meets or exceeds CBA, NABA, DERSA, SANZ and Australian jump specifications.

  • Chevron down Can I bring my friends and family to watch my jump?
  • Spectators are free to come and watch your jump but if they plan on taking transportation provided by Whistler Bungee, there’s an additional $20 fee per person and they must reserve their ride in advance. If they come on their own, it’s 100% free.

  • Chevron down Where can my friends and family watch my jump?
  • There’s plenty of room on the bridge for friends, family, and your die-hard fans to watch your jump. Or, they can enjoy your fearless fall from the viewing platform.