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Mountain Biking Mecca: The 5 Most Popular Trails in Whistler

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Whistler mountain bike trails cater to every style and level of rider, whether you like to climb as much as possible in one day or ride laps in the Whistler Bike Park. Whistler is a mountain biker’s mecca.

Let’s be honest — visitors are incredibly spoiled when travelling to Whistler for biking. Besides the great trail networks, the community consists of high-end shops with all the latest gear, bike mechanics who can fix any problem, and local riders who you would swear could be professionals. In fact, you’ll likely run into the pros too.

There are a lot of rental shops in Whistler, so if you don’t have a bike, there is no need to stress. All of the dedicated bike shops also have a range of the newest bikes for you to demo, so if you are looking to upgrade, you will have your pick of the latest bikes available. 

Still not 100% sure on what to bring or what to rent? Check out our quick checklist on biking in Whistler. You can also reach out to ask us what rental shops we recommend.

It’s rare to have a world-class bike park surrounded by world-class cross-country trails. There are roughly 70 trails in Whistler Bike Park, with many popping up every season and over 1000 trails outside of the bike park. So who looks after the Whistler Mountain bike trails?

Maintaining Whistler Mountain Bike Trails: WORCA

The Whistler Bike Park has its own trail crew, who are very talented at keeping the bike park up to a high standard. However, for trails outside of the park, it is a bunch of like-minded die-hard bikers who take on the task of maintaining the bike trails in Whistler. 

Whistler Off-Road Cycling Association, more commonly known as WORCA, is the team behind maintaining and building the bike trails in Whistler. They also run multiple fun events over the biking season, from races to social rides and fundraisers.  

Pedalling good times since 1989, WORCA is the backbone of the Whistler mountain bike trail network. It is estimated that over 7,500 hours in trail building and maintenance goes into the Whistler bike trails each season. Did we mention that they are a non-profit?

That’s right, WORCA is funded by donations and the money they make from their yearly memberships. Trevor Ferraro, WORCA’s executive director, reported in the Executive Director’s 2021 Summary that they “spent a record amount of $270,000 on trail work this year. $213,000 was for trail maintenance and $57,000 for new trail construction.”

Now, it’s not expected that you buy a membership if you are coming up to ride Whistler bike trails. But if you would like to let the WORCA team know how much you enjoyed their hard work, you can always send them a donation through their website. 

5 Must-Do Bike Trails in Whistler

1. A-Line

Known across the world for its fast and flowy berms, perfectly shaped jumps, and unique features, A-Line is thought to be the most ridden bike trail in the world. Bikers from all over come to ride the flow trail, and it’s no wonder why once you try it for the first time. 

Located in the Whistler Bike Park and rated as an advanced trail, the adrenaline won’t stop pumping even after you are back in the lift line. 

2. Lost Lake Trails

The Lost Lake network is a collection of cross-country-style bike trails that cater to families, beginners, and those looking to ride easy access bike trails. This network consists of 55 trails in total, 11 green,29 blue, and two black, as well as two fire roads you can use for a leisurely pedal around the lake. 

Lost Lake is a popular destination for kids’ bike lessons, nervous first-timers, and locals, so make sure to keep your wits about you as some trails are two-way, and it does get busy.  

3. Howler 

A Whistler classic and favourite amongst locals, Howler challenges riders with a long and steep fire road climb starting in Alpine and ascending the Flank trail, which will have you reaching for your water bottle numerous times. 

But, keep those legs spinning because it is worth it for the panoramic views of Whistler and Green Lake, the steep and fun down trail, and the bragging rights that you conquered the famous Whistler bike trail, Howler. 

4. Cut Yer Bars 

After undergoing some forest thinning to help prevent fires in 2021, Cut Yer Bars is the perfect option for those looking for a quick lap with a punchy technical climb and fast flowy descent. 

Rated as a blue intermediate trail, you will start the climb on the corner of Lorimer and Nesters Road in Whistler Cay. The trail finishes at Myrtle Phillips School, where you can pop out onto the Valley Trail and ride back to the trailhead for another lap.

5. Crank It Up

Designed for bikers building their way up to A-line, Crank It Up is an intermediate blue flow trail with smaller jumps and berms than its more advanced counterpart. 

A staple warm-up run for those lapping the Whistler Bike Park, this trail has no mandatory features, and every jump is rollable. Crank It Up was designed for progression and to give riders a taste of speed, so there are many large sections where slower bikers can pull over for a well-earned rest. 

If you have limited time to explore Whistler, it can be hard to decide if you want to ride the bike park or cross country trails. Checkout our Mountain Biking Whistler Guide it will give you more information on what to expect in the Whistler Bike Park

Experience All the Biking Whistler Has to Offer

It’s no secret that you will be hooked once you ride Whistler Mountain bike trails. After your first visit, you will want to come back for more, and that is the beauty of biking in Whistler—depending on whether you ride in spring, summer, or fall, it will be a different experience. 

Not sure where to start? Get yourself a lesson. Whistler is home to many companies offering beginner lessons in the bike park and out on the trails. Check out 

Are you looking to improve your skills or get faster on the trails? There are clinics and bike camps that specialize in jumping, cornering, technical riding, and overall rider improvement. 

Don’t forget that you are in the adventure capital of Canada, there are so many adventures waiting for you. Break up your biking with Whistlers Top 10 Adrenaline Adventures.

The Whistler bike trails offer so much that, no matter where you ride your bike, one thing is for sure: You will be smiling ear to ear at the end of every run.