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Explore Whistler | RZR Tour

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Fire up the engine, it’s time for the ride of your life! One of the most blood pumping Whistler tours has got to be a RZR Whistler adventure. A mere 15-minute drive from the heart of Whistler village is The Adventure Group’s base camp.

Along with Superfly ziplines, their treetop adventure course, and incredibly popular night walk, The Adventure Group runs exhilarating Whistler RZR tours from this hub in the remote ancient forests of Cougar Mountain. Choose between three different tour types, decide on a beginner or intermediate level, and pick either a two-seater or four-seater vehicle, then set off on the ultimate ride into the backcountry!


Top 5 Reasons to Explore the Forest in Whistler

  • Beautiful Scenery

As you rip through Canada’s West Coast temperate rainforest, along disused logging roads and high above the green valley below, don’t forget the take in your spectacular surroundings. The rugged and varied terrain of Cougar Mountain is stunningly beautiful, from lush forests to mountain lakes. Kill the engine and you might be lucky enough to spot resident black bears and other wildlife.

  • Adrenaline Pumping 

Whistler RZR tours are no doubt one of this town’s most exhilarating summer activities. All of the RZRs are equipped with automatic transmissions, steering wheels and foot pedals for the gas and brake.

This makes them easy to control and you’ll quickly pick up how to drive them, giving you ample opportunity to tear through the backcountry of Cougar Mountain.

Full seatbelts and roll cages add extra safety to this adventure, but as with many Whistler tours, there are always risks. Be sure to follow the guide’s instructions to stay safe!

  • Instagram Worth

Make your friends and family at home envious with a rad snap of you in your full-face helmet, leaning against a RZR, with the stunning backdrop of ancient forests behind you. You’ll stop at a couple of viewpoints during your tour, and your guide will gladly snap away to get that perfect Insta shot!

As you roll over boulders, zoom between the trees and charge through muddy puddles a professional photographer will be there to capture the action, so make sure you check out the photos at the end of your tour!

  • Family Friendly

RZR tours are a great option for families because of the four-seater vehicles on offer (other ideas here!). Mom or Dad can take the driver’s seat (don’t worry, you’ll have a couple of opportunities to swap over who takes the wheel throughout the tour!) while the kids jump in the back.

All participants must be at least four feet tall and fit into one of The Adventure Group’s D.O.T. certified helmet. If you’re unsure if your little’un is big enough, just pop into the main office located in the village where your child can try on a helmet.

  • Great Rain or Shine!

RZR adventures are one of the only Whistler tours that improve with rain! Puddles and splashes galore make for a much more exciting ride than dust, so don’t despair if it’s a rainy day – count yourself lucky! Your RZR tour will run in all weather (except for lightning storms), so make sure to check the conditions before you book as they have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy

RZR Whistler Tours: Choose The Right Package For You 

What RzR adventure will you choose?

The Adventure Group offers three tour types, so whether you’re a master of off-road driving or a newbie to navigating bumpy terrain you’ll be able to find the perfect package. First up, choose between the Alpine Sunrise, the Wilderness Ride or the BC Tour.

The tours mainly differ in departure time and length of ride. Next, choose whether you want a beginner or moderate tour. It’s a pretty obvious one, but if you’ve never driven an off-road vehicle, stick to the beginner tour.

There isn’t one set track for each tour type – your guide will tailor the adventure to the group, so if you’re on a beginner tour but you’re driving well, they’ll take you on some more challenging roads and pick up the pace. Here’s a breakdown of each tour, to help you decide on the best one for you!

Alpine Sunrise – For Those Early Birds

If you’re an early riser, take full advantage of this and head out on an Alpine Sunrise tour. In those peaceful few hours after daybreak, drive through the untamed wilderness of Cougar Mountain and watch for signs of wildlife.

You’re rewarded for getting out of bed early with essentially 30 minutes of ride time for free! (On the Alpine Sunrise you’ll get 1.75 hours of ride time for $229.99 on a two-seater vehicle, as opposed to $229.99 for 1.25 hours on the Wilderness Ride or $259.99 for 1.75 hours on the BC Tour). This tour type is also a great choice for those sweltering summer days. Start your adventure day early, before the heat and the dust become overwhelming.

  • Duration: 2.5 hours – This is the round trip time, including travel. Ride time is 1.75 hours!
  • Departure: 8:30am
  • Two-Seater: $229.99 /RZR
  • Four-Seater: $329.99 /RZR

Wilderness Ride – The Most Popular Tour Type

The Wilderness Ride is a great all-round RZR tour choice. Opt for the beginner tour if you’re an off-road amateur, or choose the intermediate option if you’re comfortable behind the wheel. You’ll follow a guide (with up to four other vehicles in tow, unless you opt for a private tour) along the backcountry trails and explore the old growth forests of Cougar Mountain. Stops along the way will give you the opportunity to turn off the engine and enjoy the tranquil and spectacular surroundings. One of our top tips to save a few bob is to go on the 4:00 pm or 5:30 pm tours – exactly the same as the earlier departures, just later in the day! These late afternoon tours are great for those hot summer days when the heat of the midday sun begins to wane.

  • Duration: 2 hours  – This is the round trip time, including travel. Ride time is 1.25 hours!
  • Departs: 9am / 11:00am / 12:30pm / 2:30pm / 4:00pm / 5:30pm
  • Two-Seater: $229.99 /RZR
  • Four-Seater: $329.99 /RZR
  • Twilight Pricing (4:00pm & 5:30pm only): $189.99 /2 Seater | $269.99 /4 Seater

BC Tour – Get Deep Into The Backcountry 

See Whistler from a different perspective

If you’re no stranger to all-terrain driving, then the Intermediate BC Tour is the one for you. With 30 minutes more ride time than the Wilderness Tour, you’ll be able to venture further into the backcountry, swerving through narrow trails as you try to take in the views of sumptuous temperate rainforest all around you.

Stopping at a viewpoint will give you a chance to marvel at the glacial-fed lakes and rivers in the valley below. If you still want to head out on a long tour, but don’t fancy meandering around those tight corners at such a speed, opt for the Beginner BC Tour. Your guides will make sure you feel safe and comfortable at all times!

  • Duration: 2.5 hours – This is the round trip time, including travel. Ride time is 1.75 hours!
  • Departures: 10:30am & 2pm
  • Two-Seater: $259.99 /RZR
  • Four-Seater: $359.99 /RZR

Never Gone On A RZR Before? What You Need to Know

  • Dress Appropriately: Don’t turn up in your brand spanking new Nike trainers or summer frock. Whether it’s mud or dust, you’re 100% going to get mucky! Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and make sure your footwear is closed-toed. You can also borrow overalls, free of charge, when you arrive at base camp.
  • Free Shuttle Service: The Adventure Group offers a free shuttle service from Whistler Village, Fairmont Chateau and the Four Seasons Hotel – making your adventure totally hassle free! If you’re getting the shuttle from the village, meet at The Adventure Group’s main office, located close to the bottom of Whistler Mountain, next to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Why not pop in for some sweet treats beforehand to fuel your adventure!
  • The Rules: To take to the driver’s seat you must be a minimum of 16 years and possess a valid driver’s license. All participants must wear one of The Adventure Group’s helmets (personal helmets are not permitted) – these are regularly inspected and D.O.T. certified to keep you safe. You’ll also be required to sign a legal release of liability waiver.

Top Tip: Although stunningly beautiful, the temperate rainforests of Cougar Mountain can attract lots of pesky pests. July and August are prime time for mosquitoes so be sure to bring bug repellent on your trip.

Whether you’re looking for a family activity, an adrenaline-filled adventure, or something to do on those sporadic rainy afternoons, RZR Whistler tours at Cougar Mountain are a perfect option. To avoid disappointment, it’s best to book a day or more in advance.

Take to the wheel and be prepared for a bumpy ride! So what are you waiting for? The mountains are calling this summer. And if you’re on the lookout for more activities to fill those long, warm days check out our Big List of Whistler’s Summer Adventures. Have fun!