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Axe Throwing

Accessible Adventures in Whistler

Accessible Whistler

Whistler’s natural beauty and outdoor adventures draw people from all around the world to visit this spectacular mountain town. It is a town of inclusivity where kids can explore a wheelchair-accessible playground in the centre of the village, adrenaline-junkies can go ziplining or bungee jumping, or try a new sport such as downhill mountain biking…

20 Reasons Whistler is Better in Fall

Banner Whistler Adventures Fall Activities

 There are endless things to do in Whistler year-round, but the crisp temperatures and beautiful changing leaves make fall one of the best times to visit. As the days get shorter and the die-hards pray for snow, there are still many opportunities to see the best and most beautiful aspects of Whistler.  Know Before You…

Whistler on a Shoestring (Hint: Visit in the Fall)

Whistler on a budget-fall

As the summer heat dwindles and the cool air starts to emerge once again we enter into the shoulder-season of Whistler. The crowds have disappeared as school is back in session and people’s day-to-day lives return to normal schedules. But life might seem a little boring. Maybe you are looking for a little get-away to…

More than Just a Mountain | Whistler for the Non-Skier

Non Skier Whistler banner

When most people hear “Whistler” their minds jump to chairlifts, ski runs and snowboard jumps. As one of the largest and best (no bias here!) ski resorts in the world, this is fair. However, although predominantly known as a ski town, there is so much more to Whistler than just the incredible ski and snowboard…

Learn to be a Real Canadian | Suggested Lumberjack Activities

banner - real Canadian lumberjack

When it comes to fun things to do in Whistler, there’s nothing quite like a real Canadian experience. But what is “Canadian” to our foreign friends? Does maple syrup instantly come to mind? Or a moose, plaid, and canoes? Then of course there’s the lumberjack. He is the epitome of Mountain Man, right? So, if…

Expect the Unexpected | 10 Surprising Things to Do in Whistler

Banner Things to do in Whistler

Once you’ve arrived in Whistler, it’s tempting to stay within the little hamlet of Whistler Village. However, leaving the confines of the Village can open up some great opportunities to get off the beaten path in Whistler and discover some gems.  There are things to do in Whistler which might surprise you. You won’t see…

How to Plan the Perfect Whistler Bachelor Party

Banner bachelor Party

Sure, there’s always Vegas but have you ever considered hosting your bachelor party in Whistler? Whistler is the ideal Canadian spot to say goodbye to singledom and relish in a weekend filled with action, adventure, and parties. Here’s why Whistler is one of the best bachelor party destinations and here are some failsafe bachelor party…

Explore Whistler | Axe Throwing Edition

Banner Axe throwing Whistler

Ever hurled an axe across a room? Want to? Whistler is home to Forged, a place dedicated to exactly that. At Whistler’s only axe throwing venue, you’ll have the opportunity to lob hefty blades into targets, learn trick shots and understand how to safely enjoy this rapidly-growing sport. Forged welcomes all visitors no matter your…