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Whistler on a Shoestring (Hint: Visit in the Fall)

Whistler on a budget-fall

As the summer heat dwindles and the cool air starts to emerge once again we enter into the shoulder-season of Whistler.

The crowds have disappeared as school is back in session and people’s day-to-day lives return to normal schedules. But life might seem a little boring. Maybe you are looking for a little get-away to experience Whistler, but on a budget? 

Whistler has a lot to offer during the fall season as there are several perks to visiting this time of year. There is plenty of off-season and local deals to create an unforgettable trip with an affordable budget. 

As only one example, there’s a vast array of Whistler fall restaurant deals to satisfy your hunger cravings. Fall is the perfect time to tackle what Whistler has to offer without the crowds! You will be surprised how much you can fit in, and all on a shoe string budget.

Where to Stay in Whistler on a Budget

We all can agree that accommodation costs can take a toll on our vacation budgets, but the fall in Whistler is an amazing time to score big deals on some of the best accommodation this town has to offer.

Most of Whistler hotels and lodges offer at least one deal or discount during the off-season. Its the perfect time for you to experience luxury at accessible costs. 

Check out more cheap places to stay in Whistler, if you are visiting in Spring, Summer, or even in peak ski season.

Here are a few of the hot hotel deals currently offered for Fall 2019 at some of Whistlers best hotels:

  • Adara Hotel- $149.00
  • Pinnacle Hotel Whistler- $143.00
  • The Listel Hotel- $134.00
  • Crystal Lodge Hotel- $142.00
  • Hilton Whistler Resort and Spa- $135.00
  • Pan Pacific Whistler Mountainside- $152.00

Alternatively, if this is still out of your price range another place to check out is the Pangea Pod. A Japanese style pod hotel located near the mountain base of Whistler Village. It’s currently going for $77 per night. 

To save the most money, camping or RV parking is a great option. There are quite a few different options throughout Whistler, and so long as you prepare for a bit of rain, the temperatures are too chilly yet. For a few ideas dig into camping in Whistler

Where to Eat in Whistler on a Budget

Whistler Pique Newspaper covers

Pick up your copy of the weekly Pique newspaper for the much up to day restaurant deals.

Where to eat in Whistler, without breaking the bank? It’s question that crosses our mind multiple times a day, even if we live here. But it’s why visitors and locals alike look forward to fall in Whistler. It’s it the season…. of Whistler fall restaurant deals.

Most restaurants offer excellent deals ranging from casual dingin to fine dining experiences. For fine dining, it’s strongly suggested to book a table ahead of time as most restaurants fill up fast with locals eager to sample some of the higher end restaurants in the Village.

Grab a copy of Pique (Whistler’s local newsmagazine) to find out the current restaurant offerings. Usually you’ll find 3-course dinners for $30 or $40 dollars. Or even bigger tasting menus with wine, for $50.

The most popular restaurant deals you do not want to miss out on:

  • 21 Steps
  • Hunter Gatherer
  • Araxi
  • Rim Rock Cafe
  • Nagomi Sushi
  • Basalt Wine and Salumeria

What to do in Whistler on a Budget?

Looking for some activities during your trip to Whistler? Here are a few options to keep you busy so you don’t get bored in Whistler

A group of men throw axes at forged

Rain or shine at Forged Axe Throwing

  • Forged Axe Throwing: Located in Function Junction (15 min south of the main village) this is a fun activity to do in all types of weather. Learn to throw an axe on target. This is rated as one of the best group activities to do in Whistler. You get to learn a new activity, check out a local hub and soak up a bit of the Canadian culture. 
  • Escape! Whistler: Another fantastic activity to do rain or shine with your family or friends is to try and beat the clock by working your way through challenges/puzzles to escape. There are a few different rooms to choose from that vary in themes and skills. 
  • Vallea Illumina: A night time activity located on Cougar Mountain that’s sure to sweep you off your feet. Fun for all ages. Walk your way through a multi-media journey through the enchanted forest. 
  • Whistler Bike Park: There’s still time to try out the bike park as it’s open till October 8th, 2019. There are a  few different options for passes to get on the hill and occasionally bike shops will offer discounts on their rentals. 
  • Whistler Blackcomb Turkey Sale: This a must-do event if you’re looking to get ready for the winter season ahead. Taking place on October 11th-14th, 2019 this event has some epic deals that you won’t want to miss out on. Opportunities to save hundreds on your winter gear. 
  • Hiking: Even though the weather is getting chillier it’s the perfect temperature to not get too hot on some of those longer hikes. Still lots of great hiking opportunities till end of October plus side it’s free! 
  • Pub & Coffee Crawls: On a rainy day it’s a great chance to check out the local pubs and coffee shops. Try out the local craft beer, coast mountain brewing and Whistler Brewing Company located in Function Junction. Camp Lifestyle & Coffee Company, Alpine Cafe, & Cranked Espresso are fantastic local hubs to try the brew. 
  • Check out Whistler Cornucopia 2019: An annual event to celebrate food and drink in our local communities and beyond. Tickets available online to purchase if they wish to attend an event, seminar, or workshop. 

FAQ About Visiting Whistler on a Budget

  1. Where to find information on the Whistler restaurant deals currently on offer? Pique NewsMagazine is going to be one of your best sources. It’s the weekly newsmagazine that’s available for pick up on Thursdays, flip to the back where the advertisements are to catch the latest specials. Digital Edition is also available online. You may also want to check out Whistler Bites, our local online mecca of where to eat in whistler. No matter what time of year you are visiting Whistler, the best deals are available here.

    Woman in a robe walking in Scandinave Spa

    Scandinave Spa is a great way to still get outside, even in the rain.

  2. What to do in the rainy weather? There’s plenty to do on rainy days of whistler. Indoor activities include an escape room, forged axe throwing, visiting the Audain art museum, exploring the local coffee shops and pubs or having a visit to the Scandinave Spa (Tuesdays are locals nights and it’s half the price of regular admission).
  3. I’m visiting during my school term, is there a place to study? Yes, there is! We have our Whistler Public Library with lots of cozy spots to get your study sessions in. Also, most of the cafes have accessible wifi if you want to perk up your study session with a cappuccino.
  4. What’s the best hike to do in Whistler in fall?  This is a hard question to answer as it does depend on preference. For the most spectacular view Panorama Ridge is at the top of the list. Keep in mind, this particular hike is long and best for more experienced hikers. Joffre Lakes is another very popular hike but might even be better in the fall. There will be far fewer crowds, better temperature, and still seasonal for that instagram shot.
  5. What is the best, most affordable activity in Whistler?  This win goes to the Forged Axe Throwing due to the 5-star experience, location, price point and group-size flexibility. It’s a little something different for everyone to enjoy, introduces tourists to the local Function Junction area, and the Canadian axe-throwing culture.
  6. How much does a trip to Whistler cost? Let’s jump right to it here’s an approximate breakdown of expected costs in the fall:
    • Food & Drink: Starting at $40 per person
    • Accommodation: Starting at $77 per room (or pod)
    • Adventure Activities: Free options, or roughly $40 per activity (depending)
  7. What’s the nightlife scene like during the “off-season”? It may not be as busy as peak season, but every night club has it’s own version of “locals” night. They usually come jam-packed with drink deals, and are open to locals and non-locals alike. Get ready to dance the night away!
    • Monday: Max Fish
    • Tuesdays: Tommy’s
    • Wednesdays: Buffalo Bills
    • Thursdays: Garfinkle’s
    • Fridays: Max Fish
    • Saturdays: Garfinkles
    • Sundays: Moe Joes

How Much Does a Trip to Whistler Cost? 

Let’s jump right to it here’s an approximate breakdown of expected costs in the fall:

  • Food & Drink: Starting at $40 per person
  • Accommodation: Starting at $77 per room (or pod)
  • Adventure Activities: Free options, or roughly $40 per activity (depending)
  • Extra Expenses: Starting at $20 (taxis, buses, souvenirs)

Are There any Whistler Freebies in Fall? 

It’s true to say there are a lot of expenses to consider when coming to Whistler but we are treated with such a vast and beautiful backyard to explore that doesn’t always have to involve pulling money out of your pocket. 

  • Wandering the Whistler Village and Creekside Village
  • Exploring the 5 Lakes of Whistler (Green Lake is especially beautiful in all seasons) 
  • Sightseeing at Brandywine Falls, and other local waterfalls and parks.
  • Strapping on a backpack and tackling one of many Whistler hikes
  • Disc Golf (Course is located just north of Spruce Grove) 
  • Trail Riding (large trail network to explore) 

Beer, Cider, Wine in Whistler – Where to Find Happy Hour Specials?

Top down look at a frothy glass of beer.

From IPAs, to pilsners, to sours and back again.

Searching for that perfect happy hour spot while you’re in Whistler. During the fall season, there’s several drink deals on offer to keep you sipping and smiling even if the weather is a bit colder.

While everyone knows about Longhorns, the GLC and Dublin Gate, why not branch out to try something new at another local establishment?

Here are a few suggestions to find your perfectly local Whistler Happy Hour:

  • Coast Mountain Brewing
  • Whistler Brewing Company
  • 21 Steps
  • Handlebar
  • Fitzsimmons Pub

What Is the Best Time to Visit Whistler?

So… it seems it’s an obvious choice by now. Whistler on a shoestring is the way to go, and the only time do really do Whistler on a budget is in fall. With cooler temperatures, fewer crowds, but still tons of adventure – Whistler in fall is the perfect autumn getaway

Restaurants, accommodation, events, and indoor (or outdoor) Whistler attractions are all offering the best deals of the year! Save hundreds of dollars over peak season prices, but still enjoy a premium experience, gourmet foods, and tons of activities.