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Learn to Mountain Bike on Whistler Mountain

banner whistler mountain biking

Mountain biking in Whistler is a way of life – once the skis and snowboards are put away, everyone is on their bike enjoying the local trails with friends. Whistler may be known for our epic winters, but there’s a reason why seasonal visitors end up staying around for the summer. Think warm summer days…

Get Out of Whistler Bike Park …and into the Wild

Banner - Get out of Whistler Bike park

Whistler may be known for having the world’s best lift-accessed bike park, but why not go beyond the chairlift and into the forest for some self-propelled fun. Sure it may be more strenuous, but you will be greeted with epic views, fewer crowds, and the satisfaction of knowing that you did the hard work. You…

Camping in Whistler | From Parking to Picnics

Banner Camping In Whistler

Camping in Whistler takes planning – while there aren’t many Whistler campgrounds they are an incredibly popular and affordable option when visiting Whistler. Avoid disappointment and have the best trip ever to Whistler by planning ahead and reading the tips below to save money and have a stress-free holiday. Fill your nights with a crackling…

Best Places to Hike in Whistler | Season By Season

Whistler Adventures banner Best places to Hike by season

Exploring Whistler on foot is a brilliant way to get deep into the wilderness of the Coast Mountains and admire this area’s incredible landscape. A Whistler hike is a unique one. Whistler is scattered with bounteous trails that will take you on adventures through ancient forests, alpine meadows, glaciated valleys and passed pristine lakes. 

52 Weeks & 52 Places to Explore in Whistler

Banner 52 Things to do in Whistler

Despite what you might think, Whistler is not just a winter getaway. It’s a hub of activity during all 12 months of the year. There are things to do in Whistler in winter, summer, spring and fall – as the seasons change, so do the options for adventure! We’ve devised a list of 52 activities…

A Travel Guide | 365 Days of Whistler

Banner Whistler travel guide

Whistler is so much more than a winter hot spot – there’s something to do year-round at this amazing resort town. Discover why summers in Whistler make seasonal workers stay year-round and why the locals love Whistler’s shoulder seasons. What to Expect – Weather  In BC we have a saying – if you don’t like…

365 in Whistler | A Roundup of Epic Adventures

Banner 365 Whistler

Ask a local, ‘when’s the best time to visit Whistler’ and you’ll hear a whole host of different answers. With four diverse seasons and so many options for adventure in each one, deciding when to book your vacation for can be an overwhelming decision! We’ve outlined Whistler month-by-month to show you that there’s no definitive…