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Explore Whistler | Zipline Edition

Banner Whistler Zipline activity

What is the best zipline in Whistler? We’d hesitate to say Superfly Zipline in Whistler. What’s not to love about a jaw-dropping 200 meters high, with a max speed of up to 100 km an hour, and the ability to hold hands with your bestie while zooming through the trees? 

This is one of the longest ziplines in Canada and well worth a visit in Whistler.

No matter what time of year you plan on heading to Whistler, you’ll want to make plans to visit this adrenaline-pumping adventure. But, maybe you have questions — What is the zipline Whistler price? What should you bring? 

Let’s review everything about one of Whistler’s longest ziplines.

Top 6 Reasons to Zipline in Whistler

1. A (Safe) Adrenaline Rush

A quick search for “zipline near me” in Whistler, and you’ll find Superfly. But is ziplining safe? 

As you fly through the trees, you can rest easy knowing you’re sitting in the best-in-the-industry safety harness for unparalleled safety and comfort. 

The Superfly system also relies on a revolutionary braking system for smooth and guaranteed slow down. 

Your guide will also be there to reassure you. Soaring through the air at speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour might be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can partake in here in Whistler — and its totally safe.

2. Zipline All Year Round

Woman going on a zip line in adventure park

Zip line all year old with Superfly Ziplines

You can zipline in Whistler all year long. If you’re visiting in winter, wrap up warm and soar over the frozen rivers and snow-dusted forests. 

If you’re in town in the summer months, cool down with the wind in your hair as you fly like a bird over the cool green coastal rainforests. 

What about Fall? When the leaves turn to bright orange and red, this is also a spectacular time to try this activity — plus, its a quieter season all around.

3. Excellent Activity for Big Groups

Whether you are visiting Whistler with a big family, a corporate retreat, or a bachelorette party, schedule a zipline adventure.

Superfly allows for private group bookings, ensuring you can keep close to those folks in your close bubble.

4. Suitable for All Ages (7 years and up)

The whole family can enjoy this activity as long as your youngest is at least seven years old and weighs 60 lbs. The maximum limit is 250 lbs.

There is no upper age limit, so even grandma and grandpa can get in on the action.

5. Perfect Rainy Day Activity

Rain or shine, the adventure goes on. No matter the season, all year round, you can fly through the coastal temperate rainforests of Whistler. Ziplining in Whistler is the perfect rainy day activity.

6. Shareable (Grab Your GoPro!)

Share the ride with family and friends on Superfly’s side-by-side lines. All of the four lines are tandem, so two of you can zip down simultaneously, each on your own cable. 

Want to share the experience afterwards? Rent a GoPro from basecamp and record your entire death-defying high-wire adventure!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Whistler’s Best Zipline

Buy tickets for Superfly Zipline in Advance

The global pandemic has changed a few activities around Whistler, but the zipline goes on. Buy your tickets in advance to book a tour time for you and your group.

Booking a zipline tour before you arrive guarantees your preferred spot and space for everyone in your family.

How to Get to Cougar Mountain Base Camp

sunny mountain with zipline in front, whistler

Ziplining with Superfly Ziplines

Another change to the former zipline protocols since COVID is the check-in. All guests are now required to arrive at the Cougar Mountain basecamp, located 15 minutes north of the village, before their tour time. Recommended arrival is 15 minutes early, so you check-in, get ready, and rent that GoPro!

From Whistler Village, turn North onto the Sea to Sky (99) highway. Drive for roughly 15 minutes, and turn left on Cougar Mountain Road.

Will You Need to Sign a Waiver? Yes!

You will need to sign a legal waiver, get weighed to ensure you’re within the 60-250 pound limit, and pay if you haven’t done so beforehand. 

It’s imperative to arrive on time because each tour will run to schedule, with no latecomers!

Once the paperwork is out of the way, you’ll be led to a complimentary shuttle bus that will take you to Superfly’s base camp at Cougar Mountain. Enjoy the views of beautiful Green Lake on this 12-minute journey north of the village!

What Safety Gear Do You Need for Superfly Zipline?

When you check-in at base camp, you’ll be greeted by your guides. They’ll get you kitted up with your harness and helmet and give you a short safety demo. So you’ve got the gear, had the low-down, now you’re ready to head up to the first zipline!

Before you put on your zipline helmet, you’ll be asked to put on a full-face helmet and jump in a 4×4 off-road vehicle, which will take you to the summit of your adventure. Your driver will navigate 10 minutes up the logging roads and drop you and your guides at the first zipline, Z1.

Can You Bring Your Camera on the Best Zipline in Whistler?

Take a breath, return your equipment and give your friends a post-zip high five. If you’ve had a whale of a time and are happy to be back on solid ground in one piece, show your appreciation to your guides with a tip! Then jump back on the shuttle bus back to Whistler Village!

Local Tip:

Only lightning storms will stop your tour from departing, so check the weather before booking if you don’t want to zip in the drizzle. Also, remember that this tour has a strict 24-hour cancellation policy, so once you’re within it, you can’t make any changes or cancellations.

How Much is the best Zipline in Whistler?

Are you looking for the price? Of course, you are.

Check out the zipline prices below. You’ll want to schedule in advance because prices change by season. And if you are looking for the best zip line deal in Whistler, you’ll want to set your alarm. Superfly also offers a morning discount. Check out their early bird pricing!

Contact Superfly to book additional times, and keep in mind early bird pricing is not available on select dates.

Summer Zipline Whistler Price

Winter zipline in Whistler

Ziplining is a must do when visiting Whistler – even in winter.

Tour Times: 9am, 12pm, 3pm. 

  • Adult: CA$164.99
  • Child (12 years & under): CA$104.99

Early Bird Pricing (9am): 

  • Adult: CA$124.99
  • Child (12 years & under): CA$104.99 

Winter Zipline Whistler Price 

Tour Times: 9am, 12pm, 3pm. 

  • Adult: CA$149.99
  • Child (12 years & under): CA $124.99

Early Bird Pricing (9am): 

  • Adult: CA$119.99
  • Child (12 years & under): CA$114.99 

What To Bring to Zipline in Whistler?

Every zipline tour begins well before you end up at Cougar Mountain Base Camp. So before you leave your accommodations, review everything you need to check-in and stay warm on your Whistler zipline adventure.

Closed Toe Shoes Are a Must 

Closed-toed shoes are a must, no matter what time of year you visit. Flip flops, tevas, or bare feet are a big no-no. 

Dress for the Weather

Even if it’s pouring rain, the zipline goes on. That means bring rain gear when it’s wet outside. 

Other than that tidbit, you’re welcome to wear what you feel comfortable in. Go for shorts or leggings with a t-shirt in summer (avoid skirts for obvious reasons!). In winter, dress as if you were going up the hill.

Visiting in Winter? Dress for the Slopes

Ziplining in winter can be very cold. Therefore, we recommend dressing in all-out winter gear, including gloves, hat, ski pants, jacket, and winter boots. 

Add extra layers underneath to ensure you stay warm as you wait for other members to complete each zipline.

If you happen to forget any gear, you can borrow waterproof gear, goggles, and boots when you arrive. You can also purchase some Superfly swag and hand warmers at base camp.

Sunglasses or Goggles Strongly Suggested

When you’re flying through the air at speeds of up to 100 kilometres an hour, your eyes are going to water! 

Bring sunglasses in summer or goggles in winter to make this experience easy on the eyes. Forgot your eyewear? You can borrow some clear glasses when you arrive at base camp.

Grab Your Camera, GoPro, or Phone

Two friends sore through the forests on Superfly Zipline

Bring a friend, family member, or date – a great adventure with all.

Bring a camera to capture the spectacular scenery. Be sure it has a wrist strap to avoid any high-flying zipline accidents for your camera.

If you trust your steady grip, you’re welcome to bring your phone to snap the views when zooming through the air. Your harness has a Velcro pocket to keep it safe when you’re not taking photos).

If you’re not too keen on the possibility of seeing your precious device falling 600 feet to the valley floor below, bring a GoPro. The Adventure Group also rents GoPros. Clip it onto your helmet, and zip away with your hands-free.

Want to leave it to the pros? Professional photographers will be there along the route to capture every moment. View the photos back at base camp at the end of the tour and purchase the ones you like.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

During the hot summer months, pesky bugs can be a nuisance out in the forests of Cougar Mountain. 

Bring some bug repellent, available at any grocery or outdoor store in Whistler, to keep them from bothering you during your adventure.

Booking Details, Including Credit Card

Your zipline tour in Whistler is secure, including the check-in. Make sure you bring the booking credit card with you at the time of check-in. You’ll need the original card and a photo ID to begin. 

Zipline for the Entire Family: The Treetop Aerial Adventure 

If your zipline tour has given you a taste for thrill, then why not try The Adventure Group’s Treetop Adventure Course? 

Follow this aerial tree course through the forests of Cougar Mountain and attempt to make it through all 70 obstacles, which progress in difficulty as you move through them. 

From Tarzan ropes and balance boards to spinning balls and mini-ziplines, this course is a workout, and you’ll get a sweat on for sure! 

Perfect for Summer Vacations

Unlike zip lining in Whistler, which is open year-round, the Treetop Adventure Course operates only in the summer. 

This is a great one for the whole family. 

Kids Course

If you’ve got some younger ones in your group, book them onto the Kids Course. This course is designed specifically for kids aged seven to 13. You’ll need one adult chaperon ( in the trees or on the ground) for up to 10 kids. The chaperone will need to sign the waiver.

  • Duration: 1.5-2 hours
  • Tour Time: 3 PM Daily, additional times available during peak dates
  • Tickets: starting at $54.99 per person

Beginner Course

A little nervous with heights? Start with the beginner-friendly course, focusing on the introductory obstacles, considered the blues and greens of the tour. 

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Tour Time: 12 PM Daily, additional times available during peak dates
  • Tickets: starting at $59.99 per person

Advanced Course

If you hit the black diamonds on the slopes, you’ll want to book yourself into the Advanced Aerial Treetop adventure course. This will push you to your limits and contains all of the most challenging obstacles.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Tour Time: 2:30 PM Daily, additional times available during peak dates
  • Tickets: starting at $59.99 per person

Full Course

If everyone in your party can reach 180 cm / 5′ 11″, you can all participate in the Full Course. Expect a big workout as you navigate over 70 different obstacles. This is an excellent team-building activity or a way to exhaust a group of teens before dinner.

  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Tour Time: 11 AM Daily, additional times available during peak dates
  • Tickets: starting at $84.99 per person

Don’t Miss the Best Zipline in Whistler

Let the forces of gravity take you on an adrenaline-filled adventure with Superfly Ziplines. Swoop and soar down four spectacular lines and try to take in the beauty of the area in between your yelps of nervous excitement. 

What’s holding you back? Why not zipline in Whistler to appreciate British Columbia from a totally unique perspective.