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When It Rains, It Pours | 25 Things To Do In Whistler When It Rains

Whistler when it rains

When people picture a vacation in the mountains, they usually picture blue skies with the sun shining. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and is out of our hands. However, rain by no means needs to put a damper on your trip, in fact, it may make it better! There is a long list of activities of what to do in Whistler in the rain.

 Rain tends to scare a lot of people back into their hotel rooms so that often means fewer crowds and fewer wait times for some of the most epic adventures Whistler has to offer. 

When Does It Rain? 

Rain splashing on tree limbs in Whistler

Don’t get down – get outside in Whistler

While Whistler often boasts blue-bird days in the winter and hot, sunny summer days, it is also notorious for heavy rain. The highest precipitation falls October-February, where we see significantly more precipitation than in the summer (averaging 110-160 mm versus 40-70 mm). 

This may seem surprising, but remember, due to the altitude of the mountains, rain in the village often means snow up top. Whistler often sees relatively mild winters, so it is not uncommon for it to be raining on you while you wait for the gondola but dumping snow once you reach the top. 

The driest months are July and August, averaging less than a third of the high precipitation months, however, with the proximity to the ocean, the weather can change in minutes.

25 Activities That are Great in Whistler In The Rain 

Rain often forces one to get creative with how to spend their day. If you’re not the creative type, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve come up with 25 awesome things to do rain or shine. Grab your rain gear, know that you are going to get wet, and get ready to have a fantastic time.

4 Adrenaline Activities To Do In Whistler In The Rain

Rzr tour in Whistler through a mud puddle.

You could say RZR tours are better in the rain.



  1.  RZR Buggy or ATV tour.These are actually better in the rain. The rain settles the dust and big puddles make it way more epic! Make sure to bring a GoPro if you have one, and be ready to get muddy. This is a great way to see the mountains and one of the best things to do in Whistler in the rain.
  2. Bungee Jump. Jumping off a bridge is already pretty dramatic, but in the pouring rain? That’s movie-quality exciting. Check out our blog on everything you need to know about jumping off a bridge for fun.
  3. White Water Rafting. You were going to get wet anyway, so white water rafting is the perfect adrenaline activity in Whistler in the rain. Whether you’re solo, a couple or a group, rafting is an awesome way to experience the river and get your heart racing. Not to mention the gorgeous views you will be surrounded by. 
  4. Ziplining. with five exhilarating tours to choose from, you won’t mind getting wet. The trees will shelter you as you explore Cougar Mountain and fly through the forests. Ziptrek Ecotours is education based, so it’s also a great eco learning experience good for the whole family! Explore the tours here

Local tip: The Sasquatch is the newest addition to Whistler, and the longest zipline in Canada and the USA at over 2km!


7 Activities That Will Keep The Kids Happy In The Rain (And You Too!)

Kid in red rubber boots, splashing in the rain

Grab a pair of gum boots and jump in every puddle.


  1. Whistler Public Library has endless things to do. From books to DVDs to games, they are a great spot to stay dry and have some fun. They also host movie nights, guest speakers and lots of other  kid friendly activities. Check their website  to see what’s going on at the library.
  2. Go skating at Meadow Park Sports Centre. You can rent skates there. Not a skater? They also have swimming, squash, basketball and a full fitness centre! Drop-in rates for families are available and you can access all the amenities. Check their full schedule here.
  3. TreeTopTrek. Similar to the thrill of ziplining, but more geared to the kids. Face suspension bridges, pathways and boardwalks as you venture through the trees. It’s essentially a big playground in the trees!
  4. Cow’s Ice Cream. They’ll confidently tell you they are the best ice cream in the world, and they certainly do not disappoint. With over 20 flavours to choose from on any given day, you may be surprised how much time you can spend here! They also have a full retail store with lots of fun clothing and souvenirs. 
  5. Explore for free. Put the kids in their rain gear and get ready to get muddy! Lost Lake is a great spot to explore in the rain, and what’s more fun than jumping in muddy puddles? Maybe not for Mom and Dad, but the kids will love it. Try making it a scavenger hunt to encourage the kids!
  6. See a movie at Village 8 Cinemas. Classic rainy day activity! With a full concession stand offering kid combos, two hours of cozy entertainment will fly by.
  7. Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre. Make the afternoon educational, stay dry, and have fun! Learn about the cultural history of the land we love, sing songs and make crafts. Perfect for all ages. Plan your visit beforehand!














6 Activities For The Competitive, Sporty One 


  1. Beach volleyball at Rainbow Park. Rainbow Park has three beach volleyball courts and also some of the best views in Whistler. Beach volleyball is even more fun in the rain, so grab some friends and get competitive! Grab your volleyball at Source for Sports in the village.
  2. Escape Room. With four rooms of varying difficulty to choose from, escape rooms will get your mind working and test your group dynamics (all in a fun way of course). With only 45 minutes to work through the clues and escape, the rainy weather will be the last thing on your mind.
  3. Forged Axe Throwing. Head down to Function Junction to escape the rain and get competitive. Forged has fantastic hosts that will teach you all the throws, and set you up for some friendly (or not so friendly!) competition. Losers buy pizza after at Functional Pies! Read all about hurling axes here.
  4. Spontaneous Pool Tournament. Nothing beats good old fashioned billiards on a rainy day in Whistler. Buffalo Bills, The Beacon, Cinnamon Bear and Crystal Lodge all have pool tables and are all within a few minutes walking distance of one another. Have a shot (billiard and tequila!) at each!
  5. Play darts at Tapley’s Pub. With four dart boards (free to play!), 12 HD TVs, rotating craft taps and great pub food, Tapley’s is your one-stop-shop for all things sports.
  6. Play skeeball at Tapley’s Pub. Bored of darts? Bring loonies and be ready to feel nostalgic! Tapley’s is home to an old, arcade-style skee ball. Try to beat the all-time top score of 540!


5 Ways To Treat Yourself In Whistler In The Rain

Woman outside a sauna in a bath robe in Whistler

Scandinave Spa is popular among both locals and tourists


  1. Scandinave Spa. A must-do if you’re looking to relax. Nothing beats the feeling of cold rain while you’re in a hot tub, and you still get to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. It’s easy to spend an entire day rotating between hot tubs, saunas, cold plunge pools and cozy fires.
  2. Go shopping. Whistler Village is home to a long list of retail, equipment and souvenir shops. From unique boutiques to the stores you know and love, you can spend hours strolling (under cover!) through all the village has to offer.
  3. Get a mani-pedi at BeBeauty. Nothing like watching the rainfall out the window while you have your feet massaged. BeBeauty offers tanning, waxing and lash services too!
  4. Get your hair done. Feeling like a new do? There are many salons and even an old school barbershop in Whistler! Aveda, Farfalla, The Attic and Whistler Barbershop top the list as local’s favourite. Find the perfect place to treat yourself to a cut, colour or blow-out!
  5. Get a massage at Whistler Day Spa. You get access to the sauna and outdoor hot tub when you book a massage, so this is a great way to spend a few hours.

Local tip: Check their website for early bird/night-owl and last minute deals!


3 Ideas For The Beer Lover


  1. Whistler Brewing Co. is the provider of beer to many of the local pubs. Trace back to the routes and enjoy a pint here. You’re able to sit under cover but still feel outdoorsy with their garage-style setup. 
  2. Brewhouse. The only restaurant in the village that brews their own beer on-site, Brewhouse is perfect for the craft-beer lovers. With a great menu and a pool table, the rainy hours will slip away.
  3. Bar hop. Each bar in Whistler is unique, so you really need to try them all. Try a different beer at each bar! All of the bars in the village are within walking distance so making your bar hop is incredibly easy. 




Local Tip: Dublin Gate, Blacks, The Longhorn, The Crystal Lodge, The Beacon,  Tapley’s Pub, repeat!

Whether you are okay getting wet or prefer to run to shelter, there are so many things to do in Whistler in the rain and you may even find yourself discovering activities you never would have thought to do had it been sunny. Don’t let the weather forecast deter you, there is plenty to do in Whistler in the rain!


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