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Why You Need to Experience Whistler by Air


 Ever wonder what the birds soaring above get to see?Many visitors choose to take the road less traveled to make truly remarkable memories – are you one of them?

Whistler by air is definitely the road less traveled. Daredevils and those with an adventurous attitude can head up into the sky and experience the breathtaking views of the coastal mountains. 

But how do you, a mere mortal, see Whistler by air?  To experience Whistler by air you have many options from heli tours, gondolas,  to Harbour Air  Seaplanes – and more! There is an airborne experience for every adventure seeker.

Why Take a Heli  Sightseeing Tour of Whistler?

  1. All-Season Fun 

While most Whistler actives are seasonally dependent,  helicopters fly year-round weather that’s in the snow or sun. The stunning views are not limited to one season, snowy peaks or lush greenery are both equally astonishing. You will be able to spot your favourite ski runs or scope out your dream line in the winter and in the summer see where your favourite hike takes you. 

  1. Family and Group fun 

Whether you are planning a bachelor party, birthday celebration or something for the whole family to enjoy there is a heli package that will suit your needs. You might have the coolest birthday yet if you decide to spend it golfing from a mountain top, or maybe it’s a girls weekend and mountain top yoga sounds like the perfect afternoon. with over 10 choices you will be able to find something to suit your group. Heli tours are also family-friendly and kids under 2 can fly for free!

  1. Best in the Business

Blackcomb helicopters have some of the longer operations within the industry in the sea to sky corridor. Taking a flight with Blackcomb helicopters is taking a flight with the most knowledgeable and experienced staff possible. They know about their surroundings and deeply care about the beautiful landscapes they get to experience every day. To make even the best of sightseeing even better all Blackcomb helicopter are carbon neutral.

Combine all-season fun, something for everyone and the best industry and we can ensure you will have an incredible time. 

  • What a Whistler Blackcomb Heli Trip is Like?

Taking a Whistler Blackcomb Heli Trip is unlike any other whistler sightseeing experience. Soaring high above the coast mountains the views experienced are unlike any other alongside some of the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in the business with over 30 years of experience. 

After booking one of 10 tours which include options such as heli hiking, a heli picnic, heli gold, heli yoga, and even proposal opportunities the day will arrive for your excursion into the air.

Image of Blackcomb helicoptor tour over a lack near Whistlr

Views for days with a Blackcomb Heli Trip

  • What to Pack for a Heli-Trip

First things first, you will pack your bag for the day. We recommend bringing a camera to capture the views, closed-toe shoes, clothing that is appropriate for the weather or activity. Remember it might be colder in the alpine even on a sunny summer day, we suggest packing a few extra layers.

  • Pick up and Preparation for a Heli Trip

Next, you will be picked up by a free complimentary shuttle departing from Whistler village. If you are not staying in the village there is no need to worry, the resort municipality of Whistler offers multiple transportation options you can easily hop on the bus, take a short taxi ride or kick off your morning with a stroll or bike along the valley trail. 

After getting dropped off just north of Whistler village at the Blackcomb helicopter base by the free complimentary shuttle base just north of Whistler village you will be checked in by welcoming and professional staff who will ensure you are ready to take flight and answer any questions you may have. 

Like any activity, safety is the number one priority whilst on the tour. After being checked in you will receive a safety orientation and get oriented with all the equipment to keep you safe during the flight. During this stage, you also will be able to have any questions and concerns addressed before take off. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be welcome to make you feel ready in all ways for your flight. 

Now it’s time for take-off, unlike a plane heading down the runway taking off in a helicopter is a much smoother feeling. You will feel weightless as you lift off the ground and soon be transported into what might feel as if it’s a whole new world as you are surrounded by 360-degree views of the coast mountain. 

What to Expect During The Trip

Depending on what tour you will be heading on you might be preparing for a monumental landing on rainbow mountain or taking the grand sightseeing route. We can guarantee you will be in awe throughout the entire flight. Throughout the flight, you can also expect to learn about the famous landscapes and other unique facts acquired from years of experience soaring above the mountains.

After landing the staff will help you safely disembark the helicopter. Heading back to the village thanks to the free complimentary shuttle we can ensure that you will still be in awe of the incredible sights seen.

You might even want to at this time post a brag-worthy Instagram all your friends are sure to be jealous of! Looking back you will know you just had one of the most memorable experiences Whistler has to offer. 

What Will You See on a Whistler Heli Trip?

glacier as viewed on a Blackcomb Heli trip

Glacier views, mountain peaks, and more

During the flight, you will get to see all of the coast mountain ranges most beautiful sights. The flight path will be dependant on the experience chosen and weather dependent but sights can include the Cheakamus Glacier, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Crystal crisp alpine lakes, Brandywine provincial park, the Blackcomb glacier Provincial park, tremor mountain, wedge mountain, castle towers and even a landing on a 12,000-year-old glacier on rainbow mountain.

Not only will your flight include scenic landscape view but with any whistler experience, you have the opportunity to see the incredible wildlife. Some animals you might sight include marmots, pikas, hares, goats, deer, bears and more! 

Others Ways to Experience Whistler by Air

  1. Harbour Air Seaplanes

Aside from whistler sightseeing heli trips, there are many other ways to experience whistler for high above. One option taking off from green lake is Harbour Air Seaplanes one of the largest all-seaplane airlines in the world.  

They operate floatplane service and charters that operate routes from select destinations among British Columbia. Short on time and want to combine sightseeing with travel to your destination, if Vancouver, Richmond or victoria harbor are on your sightseeing checklist this might be an opportunity for you. 

  1. Zipline with SuperFly 

Another way to soar through the air is to go on a zip line adventure. SuperFly Ziplines offers a variety of zip tours that will ensure the most breathtaking views of Whistler backcountry. SuperFly Ziplines are located just 10 minutes north of Whistler Village on cougar mountain.

Tours are 3 hours in length and provide the opportunity to take flight on 4 different zip lines and an adventurous 4×4 off-road climb up to the first zip platform. A zip tour is the perfect family adventure full of adrenaline filling fun! 

  1. Peak to Peak Gondola 

If you are short on time or don’t quite feel ready to soar through the sky the Peak to Peak Gondola connecting Blackcomb mountain and Whistler is a great option to get stunning views without soaring through the sky. The peak to peak gondola is one of the only of its kind in the world and certainly an essential Canadian sightseeing items to check off. 

Now it’s time to go explore Whistler from it’s most beautiful point of view in the air! Whether you decide to take flight with a Whistler Blackcomb Heli Trip, Travel to a new destination with Harbour Air Sea Planes, zip down Super Fly Ziplines with the whole family or take in the scenic views of the Peak to Peak Gondola. We can ensure whistler by air will be unlike any other experience that you will be sharing for years!