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14 Things to Do in Whistler When it’s Raining

While the wettest seasons in Whistler arrive in Spring and Fall, you will still see an occasional rainy day in Summer and Winter as well, the village is close to the Pacific Ocean after all. No need to worry though, when the puddles begin to collect, there are still plenty of things to do in Whistler when it’s raining.

Just like at home, rainy days have many stumped on how to spend their time. We have you covered with these 14 things to do when the weather gets rough.

Group party at Forged Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing

No matter what the weather is up to outside, you can always throw an axe! Fancy spending your rainy day trying your arm at throwing an axe at a bullseye? Born in the backcountry of British Columbia, Forged Axe Throwing is the only venue of its kind in Whistler. Whether you’re an experienced thrower or have never even held an axe in hand, Forged welcome everyone to try and nail that bullseye. Axe throwing is a legitimate competitive sport, so who knows, give it a go and we might have a new athlete on our hands.

Take a Yoga class

Whistler has its fair share of yoga studios that offer classes for every skill level. For the yogis out there, Whistler might be more up your alley than you know. Every year in early August, the Wanderlust Yoga Festival even make their way up to visit us in the mountains. With that said, Whistler is home to many yoga and meditation teachers. A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to take a break from exhilarating outdoor activities, by heading to a studio and taking advantage of the talent ready to help further your skills, or get you started. Check out YYoga, Yogacara or Loka Yoga just to name a few. Don’t forget to check with your hotel also, many in Whistler offer complimentary yoga classes to their guests.

Watch a Movie at the Village 8 Cinemas

There would be many that would agree that going to the movie theatre on a rainy day is the ultimate pastime. Located right in the centre of Whistler Village, Village 8 Cinemas begin their matinees in the early afternoon. The cinema is always airing the latest blockbusters so you’re sure to enjoy what’s on show here. Plus, who could turn down a dreary day spent in the warmth, munching on popcorn and catching the latest flick. If that day just happens to fall on a Tuesday, guess what? It’s cheap Tuesday, grab your ticket for just $7!

Get lost in a book

Whistler Public Library

Rekindle your inner bookworm and visit Whistler’s public library. With over 12,000 square feet of book shelves, book lovers will be in their element here. Whether you are someone that reads often or not, you will have no problem finding a title that appeals to you. Stay and lounge around at what has become ‘Whistler’s Living Room’, or head back to your room, get warm under the covers and get lost in the lives of the fictional characters of your choice.

The Whistler Public Library also hire out movies, host fun activities for kids and many other events on their calendar. So, if jumping into pages really isn’t your thing, don’t worry there will be something else here for you too.

Visit a Brewery

While most of the activities in Whistler are restricted to their respective seasons, tasting beer can thankfully be done rain, hail or shine! What better place to do just that than a region that has jumped on the craft beer bandwagon and done it well at that. Their healthy obsession with craft beer induced the arrival of multiple bingeworthy bars and breweries. When the rain comes in, your group may start to get angsty at the thought of saying goodbye to their outdoor plans. A brewery tour is just around the corner to get the party looking up again. By heading out on the Canadian Craft Whistler Brewery Tour, you will hit all three Whistler Brewing, Whistler Brew House and Coast Mountain Brewing. Prepare for 3.5 hours of beers at each stop and behind the scene tours.

Bounce Acrobatic Academy

Dig up that childlike wonder and spend your rainy day at Bounce Acrobatic Academy, leaping and bounding with your pals. This giant indoor trampoline decked out with padded walls, a foam pit and other obstacles, will have you burning off all that energy rainy days tend to bottle up. Not to mention, the venue is just cool, with graffiti art across its walls and a pumping atmosphere, Bounce Acrobatic Academy will give a pick-me-up to any rainy day.

Bungee Jumping

The rain can’t dampen every Whistler adrenaline rush. Launching off a bridge that hovers above the Cheakamus River will be so exhilaratingly worth it, you won’t care what the weather is up to. Bungee jumping in Whistler can be done no matter what the weather man says. The view will look the same either way – fast going.

Bungee Jumping above the Cheakamus River

Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre

Learn about Whistler’s First Nations culture at Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre. The evolution of Indigenous culture is represented through curated carvings, masks, canoes, sculptures, weavings and interactive exhibits. Telling the story of a culture that is rooted deep into Whistler’s history; a story of how the Squamish Nation and Lil’Wat Nation have coexisted respectfully side by side since time immemorial. Experience their culture through traditional song, cultural artifacts, stories that have been passed down through generations and creating a cedar bark bracelet in a traditional Squamish longhouse.

Go to an indoor Ice-Skating rink

Going ice skating can be full of clumsy laughs, impressive moves and team bonding. Better yet, you don’t need to be a professional to give it a go! There are multiple rinks around Whistler for you to choose from, including Meadow Park Sports Centre and Whistler Olympic Plaza. Practice your figure skating or declare it game on by putting your crew up against one another with a round of hockey. Rent a pair of skates (or bring your own) and embrace this Canadian favourite while you can.

Lounge on a Patio for a few drinks

Whistler is blessed with venues where you can just grab a brew, sit, relax and chat, especially on rainy afternoons. Moody weather can be pretty, too! Pull up a seat and take it all in from one of the many spots that boast views of Whistler’s beauty. Dusty’s Bar and Grill is the answer to your woes. With the largest patios, outdoor fireplaces and cozy atmosphere, you will be content seeing the night in here.

Escape Room

Voted as Whistler’s best rainy-day activity, ‘Escape! Whistler’ deserves your concentration and quick thinking when the weather is not on your side. Ideal for groups, you will tackle a choice of four different adventures in teams of between two and six people. Described as a ‘real life gaming experience’, your team will be presented with puzzles, riddles and clues for you to escape each room within 45 minutes. Out of all the things to do in Whistler when it’s raining, here is your best opportunity to have fun, get creative and interact with mind challenging obstacles. I wonder, who is the problem solver in your squad?

Scandinave Spa Whistler in winter. Photo by Justa Jeskova.

Visit a Spa

No matter what the weather is dishing up outdoors, you cannot visit Whistler without relaxing in one of the luxurious spas. Popular among both locals and tourists is Scandinave Spa, where you will enjoy Eucalyptus steam baths, Nordic waterfalls, outdoor fireplaces, Finnish saunas, hot baths and infinite relaxation. Nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s scenic wilderness is this collection of traditional Scandinavian baths. Experience ancient hydrotherapy practices, relaxing soaks and discover the value of silence. We’ve visited ourselves and know you will leave this place with a feeling of pure bliss. The spa also has a cozy bistro on site, so you may as well spend that entire rainy day up here.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Outdoor rock climbing is quite popular in the dryer months, though when those rocks turn slippery, you can also give the indoor rock-climbing walls a climb instead. At The Core, you have 5,500 square feet of climbing walls to scale. Here, you can take on climbs of any skill level, or, why not create a route of your own. As you rise to the challenge and conquer each wall, your friends can be cheering you on as your belay partner below.

Head to the Trails

Just because you see rain when you peek out of your hotel window, doesn’t mean it’s raining at the top of the mountain. Often when it’s raining in the village, the ski conditions are good to go up ahead. On the contrary, if the rainy day makes itself known in the warmer months, the hiking trails at the top of the mountain might be clear as day. Check both the alpine forecast and the Whistler Blackcomb weather cameras to find out.

Whistler wears its nickname well as being one big outdoor playground for adults throughout every forecast that hits the resort. Grab your umbrellas and get out of the hotel to tackle all of things to do in Whistler when it’s raining.

Whistler is a hiker’s paradise. Available throughout every season, you can hike trails of varying difficulty while at your own pace.