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Explore Whistler | Sleigh Rides Edition

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Sleigh Bells ring, are you listening? 

Take a gentle stroll through the forest on a traditional horse-drawn Whistler sleigh ride this winter and discover the magic of Blackcomb Mountain at night. 

A horse-drawn sleigh ride is a true Canadian winter experience that people of all ages can enjoy – during the holidays, the sleigh books up quickly so don’t delay and book your sleigh rides Whistler today!

Top 5 Reasons to Book Whistler Sleigh Rides

sleigh ride

Capture a magical moment on sleigh ride across Whistler

Imagine snow falling gently around you as you slide along the fresh snow, the only things audible are the sounds of the jingle bells and sleigh. Make your Canadian dreams a reality by taking a traditional horse-drawn sleigh through the mountains and woods of Whistler.

  • See Whistler at Night 

Your sleigh ride experience begins from Base 2 on Blackcomb Mountain – high above Whistler Village. During your ride, you’ll be able to see the twinkling lights of Whistler Village below as you glide along the path surrounded by old growth trees. The paths you follow are also ski runs during the day, and travelling on it at night will provide a whole other (and more chilled out) perspective. 

  • Fun for the Whole Family 

There is no minimum age for a sleigh ride – all ages are welcome! From those with young families who want to do something fun before bedtime, grandparents with grandkids, and everyone in between will love spending time with the horses, enjoy the ride, and love the time spent at the cabin next to the fire with hot chocolate.

  • Hang Out with Horses

Horse lovers will love getting to know the horses that make up the Blackcomb Sleigh Rides team. The breed of horse they mainly use is the Percheron who are known for their sensitive personalities, their eagerness to work, and their beauty. 

The breed originated in France during the Medieval Age as their size was needed to carry the knights in armour into battle.  While there won’t be any battles carried out here, the horses love to work and guests on the sleigh ride can get up close and pet the horses under the watchful eye of the guide. 

Any and all horse questions are encouraged while on tour

  • It’s a Family Business

Blackcomb Sleigh Rides is Whistler’s premier sleigh ride operator and have been in business on Blackcomb Mountain for nineteen years. Jason and Sherry are the owners of the company and have always had horses in the family before fulfilling their dream of providing sleigh rides in Whistler to visitors. 

  • Don’t forget the Romantic Appeal (for a Proposal)

Hire a private sleigh ride and your work is basically done! Have the sleigh all to yourselves for the ultimate romantic gesture you and your partner won’t soon forget. Choose to let the guide know ahead of time or keep it a surprise – there’s plenty of opportunity to pop the question whether it’s on the way or at the cozy cabin.

Never Been on a Sleigh Ride Before? What You Need to Know

The seats on the sleigh are padded for your comfort, and blankets are offered should you need one. The tour duration is one hour and all tours leave on schedule – guests who are late may miss their tour and face rescheduling. If rescheduling isn’t an option, guests will be charged.

Guests will need to sign a Release of Liability for all tours, there are no alcoholic beverages or pets allowed on tour, and Blackcomb Sleigh Rides reserves the right to cancel tours due to unsafe weather conditions or events beyond their control. If there is not enough snow for tours to run, the tour will need to be cancelled.

Have Questions About Horse Care? 

Horse-Drawn Sleigh

A memorable Whistler winter journey by sleigh

Blackcomb Sleigh Rides uses draft horses to pull their sleighs. Draft horses like to work as it’s what they’re bred for. They work during the winter months, then spend the summer grazing in the fields. 

These horses grow a thick winter coat that keeps them nice and warm and wear spiked shoes so that they don’t slip on the ice or snow. 

The horses pull the sleighs by pushing their shoulders into the padded collar while they walk. The sleigh is on four thin metal runners that glide on the snow much like an ice skate on ice and once the sleigh is moving, it’s very easy for the horses to pull.

The horses are very happy pulling guests in the sleigh – they love the exercise, are well fed, they are groomed daily, and are well taken care of by their caregivers. Blackcomb Sleigh rides is a company driven by a passion for their horses.

What Should I Wear?

Guests should dress warmly for their tour in winter jackets, winter pants, boots, toque (beanie), and mittens. It’s better to be too warm than too cold, so pack on the layers and remove as necessary. The sleighs will have blankets for your comfort, but it is not enclosed other than a canopy for when it’s raining or snowing. 

What Kind of Tour Should I Book?

horse drawn sleigh on Whistler

Spend a day (or night) with these two beauties.

There are two options to choose between when it comes to Whistler sleigh rides: the public Scenic Mountain Sleigh Ride or a Private Mountain Sleigh Ride.

  • The Scenic Mountain Sleigh Ride is a public tour that lasts for one hour and runs every hour from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The sleigh fits twelve people and babies riding for free must sit on a parent’s lap if the sleigh is full. 

This tour takes you on a magical sleigh ride on Blackcomb Mountain with a stop at a cozy cabin to warm up by a crackling fire and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Stay nice and cozy under warm blankets and if the weather calls for rain or snow, a canopy will be attached to the sleigh to keep you dry. 

  • The Private Mountain Sleigh Ride is a wonderful way to experience a sleigh ride adventure with only your friends or family. Enjoy amazing views of the twinkling lights of Whistler Village below, and stop at a cozy cabin to warm up next to the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. 

This private option is incredibly popular for proposals – give your guide a head’s up ahead of time or make it a complete surprise for everyone. 

How Much do Sleigh Rides Cost?

  • The Scenic Mountain Sleigh Ride costs $69/Adult (13+), $40/Child (3-12), and Tots under age 3 are free.
  • The Private Mountain Sleigh Ride costs $375 for a private group of two, $400 for a private group of three, and $475 for a private group of four. 

The price does not include tax (5% GST) or fee charged by Blackcomb Sleigh Rides (6% booking fee). Tip is also not included in the rate, so if you enjoyed your experience your guide would truly appreciate the gesture!

How Do I Get There?

Blackcomb Sleighrides from Base 2 Whistler

Leave from Base 2 (see details on arrival)

Tours must meet at Blackcomb Sleigh Rides Mountain Office which is at Base 2 (parking lot 6) on Blackcomb Mountain. From Whistler Village, it is a short five minute drive along Blackcomb Way before turning off onto Glacier Drive located between the main Whistler Village and the Upper Village. 

Continue along Glacier Drive as it winds up the mountain and follow the signs until you see Base II – parking lot 6. It is identifiable by having the Excalibur Gondola mid station at the end of the parking lot. 

Please note that walking is not an option to get to Base 2 and guests must either drive, take a taxi, or take the public bus. Parking is free at Base 2 and there is lots of it – especially since the ski day has ended. 

A taxi from Whistler Village would cost under $10, or the bus is $2.50 per person to take the #7 of #21 to Staff Housing (Glacier at Summit) then walk for five minutes to Base 2.

Once at Base 2, look for Blackcomb Sleigh Rides big yellow sign at the end of the parking lot. 

When and How to Book a Sleigh Ride

Whistler sleigh rides are available to book between December 15th and March 31st. It is completely snow-dependant so if there is not enough snow for the sleighs to slide on, the tour will be cancelled. Luckily, it doesn’t happen all too often that there isn’t enough snow.

If you’re looking to go on your sleigh rides Whistler over the holiday period (December 20 – January 2), it is highly recommended that bookings are made well ahead of time to ensure you and your group can get on a tour. 

Four public rides and four private rides run per night, and they are extremely popular and sell out over the Christmas period, especially Chrisman Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve. 

Sleigh ride bookings can be made by reserving online

Sleigh Rides | A Whistler Tradition

Make your winter trip to Whistler extra special by taking a sleigh rides Whistler. Surprise your friends and family by booking out your own private sleigh ride or hop on to a public ride – the perfect after dinner activity. No trip to Canada would be complete without taking a horse drawn sleigh ride in the snow – why not do it in Whistler!