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Wellness in Whistler | Retreats, Activities, Relaxation

Feeling in a bit of a rut with the daily grind? Starting to crave some time off? Look no further at this beautiful town nestled within the mountains, and only a couple of hours north of Vancouver. Whistler is a great opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy the BC coastal mountain range….

More than Just a Mountain | Whistler for the Non-Skier

When most people hear “Whistler” their minds jump to chairlifts, ski runs and snowboard jumps. As one of the largest and best (no bias here!) ski resorts in the world, this is fair. However, although predominantly known as a ski town, there is so much more to Whistler than just the incredible ski and snowboard…

Explore Whistler | Scandinave Spa Edition

Whistler is a fantastic multicultural hub known for hitting the slopes, the unreal biking scene, the phenomenal backcountry exploration and the endless list of adventurous activities.  Everyone comes here for a common goal: to enjoy what the landscape has to offer. To take a break from the adrenaline rush, Whistler offers some excellent adventures to…