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Exploring Whistler Blackcomb by Snowshoe

Whistler Adventures snowshoe

Are you a non-skier or snowboarder that’s looking for an alternative activity to do in Whistler? There are a fair number of activities to choose from during your visit, and it is highly recommended to experience Whistler snowshoeing as a must-do activity on your adventure list. 

This winter activity is fantastic as it is great for everyone and anyone. As long as you’re physically fit to walk you will be able to strap on the snowshoes and head for a wander. It is very relaxing as you can take the sport at your own pace, just like you would in a normal walk or hike. 

Never tried snowshoeing before and a little lost where to get started? Never fear this article will cover the basics and what you need to know.

Learn to Snowshoe in Whistler

Two people walk a trail with snowshoes

An easy & Super-Canadian activity.

Snowshoeing is a completely accessible activity in this mountain town and several options are on offer to learn how to snowshoe. Take a guided tour with an expert that can teach the basic techniques of snowshoe.

Wander through the British Columbia alpine forests and be educated on the surrounding land. Whistler Snowshoe is a meditative and tranquil form of traditional Canadian travel. 

As you walk you will learn more about the environment and Canadian culture. 

Snowshoeing Tours Around Whistler

There are several snowshoe tours on offer dependant on experience and length of time you would like to go for a hike. 

  • The Medicine Trail– $89.00/person, $59 Youth (Under 15 years) 

This tour can be booked through Canadian Wilderness Adventures. The duration is approximately three hours round trip, a really great introductory tour into snowshoeing. Walk your way through the forest along the old trapper’s path. You will be exposed to the knowledge and get to sample healing teas that grow along The Medicine Trail. You will also get to enjoy a tasty treat on route or when you finish your tour. 

  • Daytime Teepee Tour- $89.00 per adult, $79.00 Child

Book through Whistler Snowshoe and enjoy this introductory guided snowshoe tour. Adventure up to the remote backcountry teepee and be treated with a hot drink and snack. Look out onto the beautiful views of this winter setting, and be educated on the area’s traditional uses and local First Nations. 

  • Apres Teepee Tour– $109.00, $99 Child (5-12)

This is a 2.5 hour round trip in the Brandywine area, where you get to experience snowshoe as the sun starts to set and your way becomes illuminated by the night sky. Journey to the forest Teepee where you will be treated to a hot beverage and a cozy fire. Additionally, you will be treated with world-class charcuterie. A fantastic way to apres and make memories with the family or loved one. 

  • Natural Mystic Tour– $99.99, $59.99 Child (6-12) 

This tour is offered through the Adventure Group for 1.5 hours. This a great chance to take a ride on the gondola up Whistler Blackcomb, and then make your way through the soft snow. It also has snow slides that are very enjoyable for everyone to try! Learn about the local nature and wildlife. 

  • Winter Wonderland– $109.00, $69.00 Child (8-12) 

Another tour on offer from the Adventure Group is the Winter Wonderland snowshoe. This is the next step up and listed as an intermediate tour, approximately 2.5 hours round trip. It involves the trip up on the gondola and you will descend your way to the village discovering what our nature has to offer. Hot drink and snack on the trail. 

  • Eagle Ridge Tour– $119.00

This is an intermediate tour that takes you to a stunning viewpoint to overlook the mountains. Be educated about the rainforest and animals in the region. It’s recommended for those that are looking for a decent workout and ready to see some amazing views. It is highly advised to keep a lookout for wildlife in the sky and animal tracks in the snow! 

  • Snowshoe/ Spa Combo– Starting at $139.99/adult

The Adventure Group offers a perfect combo of enjoying a lovely snowshoe on Whistler Mountain either on the Natural Mystic Tour or Winter Wonderland. Once your snowshoe travels are over you will have the hydrotherapy baths waiting for you at the Scandinave Spa, where you can soak and relax your muscles from the hike. It sounds like the perfect winter combination! 

How to Dress for Snowshoeing Whistler

Looking down at a pair of snowshoes in snow

Dress in layers, with so much movement you’ll likely get sweaty.

Here is the ideal list of what you will need to wear/bring whether you go on a tour or explore for yourself on the trails. Tip: Dress like you would if you were to go skiing or snowboarding. 

  1. Warm and waterproof snow boots
  2. Ski Goggles
  3. Balaclava or Scarf on cold days
  4. Toque 
  5. Warm Jacket
  6. Gloves or Mittens
  7. Sunscreen 
  8. Snow Pants 

Rentals and Self-Guided Options

If you would prefer not to do a guided tour there are plenty of other trails to choose from and several locations within Whistler that offer snowshoe rentals, if you don’t own your own. The lodges that are based at the entrance of Lost Lake Park and the Callaghan offer snowshoe rentals so that you’re kitted out for your adventure. 

Other places available to rent snowshoes in the village are:

  • Cross Country Connection
  • Spicy Sports Blackcomb
  • Spicy Sports Whistler 
  • Escape Route
  • Affinity Sports
  • Summit Sports 

8 Trails to Self-Guide and Snowshoe in Whistler

If you prefer to self-venture with your group or as an individual there is a large trail network within Whistler to explore via your snowshoes. Be sure before doing anything unfamiliar to do your research on the trail difficulty and length you would expect to be walking. If you need some more answers or guidance please stop by the Whistler Visitor Centre located on the stroll. 

Check out more information on the Whistler hiking and snowshoe trails

  • Lost Lake Park Trails

The Lost Lake Park Trails are a great place for all levels as the trails are much tamer but still adventurous. This network is heavily signed and points you in the correct direction, there is a small fee you pay at the lodge before you enter the park. 

  • Ski Callaghan

This was the nordic venue home to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. There is so much land to explore throughout this area, along with the snowshoeing there is tobogganing and cross-country skiing. This is a dog friendly zone! Similar to Lost Lake there is a small fee to enter the park but trails have easy signage to follow. 

  • Cheakamus Trails

Located approximately 15min south of the main village this network of trails is great for the whole gang. These trails are not maintained and having minimal signage but it sure is a beauty of a walk if you want to see Cheakamus lake iced over. 

  • Train Wreck Trail

    Whistler blackcomb snowshoe trail

    Where will your Whistler adventures take you?

A very popular place to see during the summer that can turn into the perfect snowshoe hike in the winter. Walk through the trees until you reach a bridge that crosses over the Cheakamus River and behold the train wreck site. This fun Train Wreck playground is a great place to adventure through and snag a few pictures! 

  • Joffre Lakes Trail 

This is a visitor favourite to see and located about an hour north of Whistler. It will be a  more challenging trail to do as a lot of it is uphill but once you reach the top it sure would be a rewarding view. Check out more information about hiking Joffre Lakes

  • Nairn Falls Trail 

Nairn Falls Trail is located between Whistler and Pemberton and would be a great snowshoe wander for the family. A very mellow hike but you can look forward to having front-row views to the rushing water of Nairn falls. Be sure to carry your camera as a photo spot awaits you at the end of the trail. Approximately a 1.5 hour round trip hike. 

  • Rainbow Falls Trail

This is an easy and very well-marked trail. It does have some short and steep sections. It’s a 1.4 km round trip, approximately an hour in duration. You can start this trail at the Rainbow Lake located on Alta Lake. Go venture through the forest until you reach the waterfall. 

  • Brandywine Falls

A very popular pit stop both in the summer and the winter months. Brandywine Falls is located 25 min North of Squamish. It is a nice and mellow trail for snowshoeing. Very well signed trail and for the most part wide and flat. It’s a great option for a wander and to view the Brandywine Falls. One to tick off the list! 

Grab your Snowshoes! 

As it is evident to see there are several options within Whistler and it’s outskirts to explore what this mountain town has to offer. Experience the traditional Canadian way of transport and strap on your snowshoes. 

Disconnect from you day-to-day and take off into a dream-land to learn about the mountain environment and its animals in it. 

Whistler snowshoeing is for sure the activity to try on your visit, get outside and experience the crisp mountain air! 


Whistler is a hiker’s paradise. Available throughout every season, you can hike trails of varying difficulty while at your own pace.