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Get Into the Backcountry | Snow Cat Tours

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Whistler is known for its epic resort and many people visit from all over the globe just to get a taste of the Whistler powder. But, the resort is only a small percentage of this fantastic mountain landscape. There is so much vast space to explore beyond the bounds of the resort. Many visitors prepare…

Whistler: A Cornucopia of Nordic Sports

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The Nordic sport of cross-country skiing originated in Scandinavia thousands of years ago and was not introduced to Canada until the late 1800s. Today in Whistler, nordic skiing is enjoyed from December to late-March at several venues in the vicinity of town.  It is a great activity to get the blood flowing, explore a new…

Miss the 2010 Whistler Olympics? Experience the Whistler Olympic Park

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Ten years too late to experience the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Whistler? Not to worry – there’s still tons of Olympic opportunities to be had at the Whistler Olympic Park.  Thanks to the Olympics, this extraordinary park has been left to the town of Whistler for both locals and visitors to enjoy in the…

20 Reasons Whistler is Better in Fall

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 There are endless things to do in Whistler year-round, but the crisp temperatures and beautiful changing leaves make fall one of the best times to visit. As the days get shorter and the die-hards pray for snow, there are still many opportunities to see the best and most beautiful aspects of Whistler.  Know Before You…

A Run Down of Whistler Events, Markets, and Activities in December

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Whistler in December is a magical time of year. The mountain is into the full swing of ski and snowboard season, the snow is falling, and holiday joy is spreading through the village. There are several activities and events in Whistler to keep you with an exciting and never ending to-do list on your holiday…

Vancouver to Banff | The Perfect Road Trip

Vancouver to Banff

Canada has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and the places to hike, swim, sightsee and photograph are endless. The Rocky Mountains, from Vancouver to Banff are a highly sought after region for the adventurer and especially the photographer.  The best news? The drive is half the fun. With epic backdrops and…

Travel BC | Road Tripping Beautiful British Columbia

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Congratulations, it’s official! You have booked your flights to beautiful British Columbia and are now are commencing “Operation: Plan Your Trip.” This is a once in a lifetime trip, so buckle up and get ready!  Especially during the summer months, British Columbia has become a very popular hub for RV road trips because of the…

Wellness in Whistler | Retreats, Activities, Relaxation

Wellness in Whistler

Feeling in a bit of a rut with the daily grind? Starting to crave some time off? Look no further at this beautiful town nestled within the mountains, and only a couple of hours north of Vancouver. Whistler is a great opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy the BC coastal mountain range….

Whistler on a Shoestring (Hint: Visit in the Fall)

Whistler on a budget-fall

As the summer heat dwindles and the cool air starts to emerge once again we enter into the shoulder-season of Whistler. The crowds have disappeared as school is back in session and people’s day-to-day lives return to normal schedules. But life might seem a little boring. Maybe you are looking for a little get-away to…

A Complete Fall Foodie Guide to Whistler

fall foodie guide

If you find yourself wondering, “What are the best restaurants in Whistler,” This was written for you. Whistler certainly has a dining scene that any foodie would drool over. What’s even greater for a foodie is that we are coming into fall… Why you ask?  Well, fall in Whistler is a quiet time, the sun…