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You’ve Skied Whistler | Now What? Best Apres Activities

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This is it. You are in Whistler at the mecca of all ski resorts. You’ve spent the day hitting up as many slopes as you possibly can, you’ve shred all of the pow, and your legs can’t take anymore. You feel accomplished. 

You have conquered Whistler mountain and right now you are feeling on top of the world – you feel like you are the definition of ‘sending it.’ With all that adrenaline pumping through your veins, you’re not ready to call it a day. What next?  

Apres ski in Whistler of course. 

Patiently waiting for you at the bottom of the mountain is an abundance of activities. There’s an apres activity to fit most, whether it’s an ice-cold beer at the famous Longhorn Saloon, in Whistler or a soak at the spa, there is a little something for all. 

What is Apres Ski Like in Whistler Village?  

If you are new to the ski resort town culture, apres may not be part of your daily lingo, but soon it will be. For most of us apres in Whistler is an after ski-drinking sesh to warm up the soul, it’s where you share all your trials and tribulations of your day on the mountain. 

It’s where you eat some warm food for the soul, it’s essentially a night out that begins in the afternoon and finishes in the early evening (After all – we ski bunnies need to be in bed early, so we can recharge for first lifts in the morning!). If you need more dinner inspiration – The Best Places to Grab Dinner in Whistler.

But it doesn’t have to be all about the drinking – there are more activities in Whistler than you can dare to think of…

3 Great Activities for Apres Ski Whistler

  1. Scandinave Spa

If a beverage isn’t screaming your name at the end of the day but some downtime is, then the Scandinave Spa is the place for you. What better way to soothe those ski legs than an apres-ski spa session? The Scandinave Spa is an indoor-outdoor spa which is nestled in the mountains, in a tranquil setting, with breathtaking views.

In order to reach ultimate relaxation, the spa recommends you complete a hot-cold- relax cycle. First off, spend some time in the hot baths, saunas or steam rooms; then make your way to the cold baths, waterfalls or plunge pool and then it’s time to relax in one of the sunrooms, by the fire or in a hammock. 

Then you repeat, as many times as you please. Not only does this cycle eliminate toxins, improve and stimulate circulation but it also releases endorphins and who doesn’t like being happy? 

  1. Forged Axe Throwing

    A group of men throw axes at forged

    No skiing required at Forged Axe Throwing

No experience screams ‘CANADA’ more than axe throwing and the team at Forged Axe makes it a lot of fun. You don’t need any real skills to sling your first axe, other than some hand/eye coordination The hosts teach you the safest ways to throw the axe and will stick with you the entire hour., Your inner lumberjack will be released in no time.

Forged is located in Function Junction, a short bus or taxi ride from Whistler village. Function Junction is also home to Coast Mountain Brewery, a locals favourite and a neighbour to Forged. When you’re all axed out – pop next door for a nice cold brew. 

  1. Ice Skating 

Why not grab your skates and try some ice skating at the Olympic plaza? It’s a fun-filled activity which can be enjoyed by all, expect to fall on your bum…or maybe that’s just me? If you’re feeling confident with your moves, check in with some Whistler locals to give you the rundown on the best lakes you can skate.

6 of the Best Apres Patios in Whistler Village

  1. Longhorn, Whistler

    Champagne water gun at the Longhorn in Whistler.

    Champagne water gun at the Longhorn.

Longhorn has been home to apres-ski in Whistler Village for over thirty years and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Placed in the centre of all the action and at the bottom of the village run; it’s not uncommon to hear the beats cranking from the longies patio on your way down the hill.

Enjoy a decadent plate of nachos around the fire pit, dance on tables to world-class DJ’s at one of their well-known patio parties or sit back, chill and take it all in with a nice glass of red. Anything goes! If you’re feeling particularly ‘extra’ get amongst their champagne shooters and give you and your pals a champagne shower.

  1. Dubb Linh Gate

Whistler’s very own Irish bar is a must-visit for apres. It’s very rare to see Dubb Linh’s patio empty and there’s a very good reason for that. You’ll see tourists and locals shoulder to shoulder around the fire pits exchanging stories from the day. 

Most afternoons there will be an Irish band playing live Irish music and everyone loves to get involved, get ready to show off your best Irish jig. Dubbs is the classic ‘I’ll go for one beer’ – that turns into ten or more. We also highly recommend trying out their pub grub…We may have just drooled a little as I thought about the steak and Guinness pie they have, try it. 

  1. Garibaldi Lift Co.

GLC couldn’t be any closer to Whistler mountain if it tried – you can see the village run from one of their two patios. The second patio looks out to the village and is the perfect people-watching space. Not only is it under cover but it has cosy fire pits and blankets to keep you warm. They’ve also created a unique cocktail list that will keep you warm from the inside out – literally, they are all warm cocktails!

If you’re lucky enough to be around when Skii Tour is in town – they throw a wicked party with GLC –  think buckets of booze, retro ski gear and Skii Tour playing their set out on the patio, but be sure to get there early, these events fill up fast.

  1. Dusty’s

Dusty’s is located in Creekside Village and the original Whistler town. It’s home to some of the best BBQ food in town – ribs, wings, pulled pork – you name it, they’ve got it and it’s good, really good. 

Dusty’s is next door to Creekside gondola it boasts a huge outdoor patio, has a cabin-style layout inside with a pool table, darts and often live music. Don’t be surprised if you struggle to find a table after 3 o’clock, but wait it out – we can confirm it’s worth it. 

  1. Umbrella Bar 

At the top of Whistler mountain is a small outdoor (undercover) bar with 360-degree panoramic views of the mountains. Pinch yourself – it’s real. With a fantastic cocktail menu, hot cider and mulled wine options this is the perfect place for a cheeky on-mountain beverage. 

You may hear some of us locals say ‘death before download’ but we know that’s not for everyone. If you’re feeling particularly thirsty on the mountain and ready to kick off apres sooner rather than later, then make sure you give the Umbrella bar a whirl. Just remember don’t drink and shred.

  1. Cinnamon Bear Bar 

AKA home of Swedish apres ski party. Every Tuesday CBB has a makeover – they set up an enormous tent outside and they throw a bloody big party. We’ve been told it’s a similar vibe to European apres and it’s a hell of a time. Live bands, cheap beer, and a full house, always. 

Apres from a Local’s Point of View (3 Options)

As a Whistler local, we love all of the ‘go-to’ apres bars, but we also seek an alternative vibe from time to time. Something a little less touristy and a little more authentic. So we’ll give you a rundown on our favourite apres spots:

  1. Handlebar

    Handlebar restaurant whistler

    You don’t have to be German to enjoy the drinks and eats at Handlebar

Handlebar is located in the upper village and is a small German-inspired beer bar – with regularly rotating beer taps and menu items such as deep-fried pickles, currywurst, and pretzels it’s a huge hit with us locals. A friendly bar team who are always down for a chat and willing to give you moral support when you’ve been tricked into doing a shot ski.

  1. El Furniture Warehouse

Or El Furny to us locals. In case you didn’t notice, Whistler is expensive and it’s equally as expensive for us to live here. That’s why we all hail El Furny for their $5.95 meals, yes, you heard that right – all food menu items are $5.95. It’s a little further away from the slopes but if you’re looking to save a bit of cash then definitely check it out.

  1. Brickworks

Brickworks is located on the other side of the village but is home to some great specials – $15 burgers and beers, 2 for $20 appies and cheap happy hour beers, with taps that they rotate often. They also feature local live acoustic music which is great to sit back and vibe along with.

Whistler is a world-famous ski resort and with that title comes a certain amount of responsibility – you expect the best runs, the sickest of pow, acres upon acres of skiable terrain, backcountry and well…the list could go on. 

But what you also expect is an array of activities that go hand in hand with this world-class resort and Whistler’s apres scene certainly lives up to that title. Come join us locals in our daily routine of ski, apres, sleep, repeat. You won’t be disappointed with apres ski in Whistler.