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Bored in Whistler? 15 Unexpected Things To Do

Banner Things to do in Whistler

Everyone associates Whistler with the stunning landscape. It’s home to some of the best terrain in the world for biking, hiking, and skiing. Whistler ski season is truly a winter wonderland and in the summer you’re surrounded by lush green forests. It’s hard to be bored in this mountain environment, but it can happen to the best of us. 

When most visitors gravitate towards the highlighted attractions of the Peak-to-Peak, photos by the Olympic Rings, Zip-Lining through the trees or hitting up that apres-ski whistler pub scene…. You’ve found yourself wanting something different. Despite the air of excitement here, you are bored

If skiing or biking is not your cup of tea, never fear because Whistler truly has something that suits the whole gang. We know, because we have lived in the sea-to-sky community for a few years. We’ve discovered the hidden gems of Whistler that get you away from the crowd.

Here is the list of 15 things to do in Whistler, BC that are going to provide you with a great experience. 

5 Whistler Adventures Off the Beaten Track

Whistler is home to a vast and breathtaking terrain. There’s so much for the eye to see! Peak times in Whistler are usually July-August in the Summer and December-January in the Winter. 

As the crowds flock to the must-see tourist attractions, where should you go to find Whistler’s hidden gems? Here’s a list of 10 things to do in Whistler that help you escape the crowds. 

Harbour Air Seaplanes over Georgia Straight, BC

Fly in to Whistler via Seaplane, or try a sightseeing tour!

  • Harbour Seaplanes. Soar into the sky from the floating terminal located on Green Lake. Enjoy a birds-eye view of the Whistler landscape. This adventure lets you sit back and appreciate Whistler’s appeal. There are a few different options regarding where the flight goes and duration. Here are other reasons why you need to experience Whistler by air.  
  • In-Bound Backcountry. If your an experienced skier or snowboarder, adventuring off the tracked-out piste lets you experience that Whistler famous powder. The hidden gems of Whistler Blackcomb are Blackcomb Glacier, Spanky’s and Flute Summit are all considered in-bound but give you a sense of that backcountry adventure. Each of these offer great lines to choose from and stunning view points. If you’ve come to Whistler to take on some backcountry adventures have a read here
  • Explore Our Neighbours. Both Squamish (40 minutes South of Whistler) and Pemberton (30 minutes North of Whistler) have a lot to offer. Go check out the views of Mount Currie, pick some berries at North Arm Farm or have a scenic horseback ride through the Pemberton trails. Brackendale, Squamish is known for harbouring many bald eagles so it’s a great chance to bird watch or look out for climbers conquering the chief. Squamish is also known for its epic bike trail network, there’s a reason it’s self-proclaimed Adventure Capital of Canada. There’s plenty of sea to sky activities to get involved with. 
  • Panorama Ride and Black Tusk. This hike is not for the faint-hearted but it does leave you with an incredible view. If you love to hike in the summer this is a must-do. It’s one of the most scenic views in Garibaldi Provincial Park. Pack appropriately, as it is roughly 30km round trip. Tip: Panorama ridge has really nice camp out spots at the top, remember to pay the backcountry camp fee through BC provincial parks. From Panorama you have an epic view of black tusk. 
  • Bungee Jumping. This is sure to be an activity off the beaten track. If you have the adrenaline junky urge, this is a must do for you. Whistler bungee runs all 365 in a year, the views are stunning in whatever season you decide to jump. The bungee itself is made a comfortable experience due to the body harness. Experience this 160 foot (50m) jump into a staggering mountain canyon.

5 Adventures to Do After Skiing

After a day, morning or afternoon of skiing the fun doesn’t have to stop there! You don’t have to sadly drag yourself back to your hotel room, to wither away in boredom. There’s plenty of things to do in Whistler once you hang up your ski’s for the day. 

Coast Mountain Brewery shared table with people laughing.

Another great night at Coast Mountain or Whistler Brewery

  • Function Junction Fun. Function Junction located south of Whistler village is truly an industrial hub with a twist. You will find many locals in this area! Camp Lifestyle & Coffee company is a great place to go for a brew. Function Junction is also home to two breweries Whistler Brewing and Coast Mountain Brewing. Both are unique in their one way., For those that don’t drink beer, they offer cider and wine as alternatives. 
  • Forged Axe Throwing. Function is also home to the unique and fantastic activity of axe throwing. This is a fun activity for everyone, even if you don’t have any experience. It’s surprisingly satisfying when you throw an axe on target. 
  • Escape Room. When the weather isn’t so agreeable, the escape room is a highly interactive activity against the clock that challenges your group to figure out the clues to escape the room. You can choose from different themed rooms and difficulties. This is a super fun activity to test your knowledge and your teamwork skills. Check out other rainy day activities
  • Tube Park. Enjoy a good old tubing session on Blackcomb mountain. A very enjoyable activity no matter the age. Whip your way down the track on your tube and race your friends. This is a great activity post ski as it is open in the evening hours as well. 
  • Soak up the Culture. With all the fast-paced activities in Whistler people do forget we are home to some excellent venues that foster British Columbia Art. The Audain Art Museum is both a contemporary and historical housing place for artwork. Squamish Cultural Centre is a beautiful First Nations tourism facility. Guests are shown by a cultural ambassador to share stories and knowledge of the First Nations culture. Read more here to learn more about local attractions. 

5 Adventures to Do With Kids

Maybe it’s not you who is bored…. Maybe it’s your family. If you want to pry your children away from their screens, rest assured there are a million and one incredible reasons to do so in this fine town. There are so many activities to do with kids in Whistler. It’s essentially a big backyard. Whistler has many family-friendly attractions to offer. 

  • Vallea Lumina. Vallea Lumina is located on Cougar Mountain. Walkthrough a multimedia enchanted forest and explore its hidden wonders. The atmosphere is so lovely and you can’t help but feel happy. Tip: Snag some marshmallows to roast at the entrance before you set on with your nighttime adventure. 
  • White Water Rafting. During a hot summer’s day, this is an activity to be done. Conquer the white water rapids on this rafting adventure. There are different classes to choose from dependent on experience or how wild you want to get. Listen to the instructor and enjoy the adrenaline boost. 
  • Lake Hopping. Another summer activity to explore Whistler is swimming all the lakes that Whistler has to offer. Attempt the five Whistler Lakes in a day including Alpha Lake, Nita Lake, Alta Lake, Green Lake, and Lost Lake. Chilling on the docks or a floaty is a great way to take in the surrounding scenery. 
  • Ancient Cedars Hike. This is a nice family-friendly 5km hike just north of Whistler. The trail leads you through the home of some very old trees and lovely lookout points. Just make sure you have a suitable car as the service road to the trailhead is a bit rough. It is not a difficult hike and something everybody can enjoy. 
  • Alpine Riding. Experience the mountain with the A-Ride Scooters of Alpine Riding. This guided summer activity for the whole family, and as their slogan says offers, “another way to ride”. It’s a good way to experience the bike park if you are not so keen on the mountain biking. It’s a great way to introduce yourself into the riding world and soak up a bit of the riding culture. 

You Won’t be Bored, Its Guaranteed

As you can see these are only a few activities that tend to fly under people’s radar on a trip to Whistler. They are also an excellent alternative if you are sick of riding big lines, and prefer nobody mention the word “lift line” ever again.   . 

Whistler is a town with a little something for everyone, even those who don’t ski or bike and are easily bored.

Whistler’s culture is all about having fun and exploring the great outdoors. Keep in mind if your visit is during peak times, you should always book or plan activities well in advance or risk missing out. Also, for hikes, lake swims & skiing will be dependant on time of year and precipitation. Who knows, you may even discover Whistler’s next hidden gem. Be safe and have fun!