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Hike, Bike, Ski on the Same Day & 20 Other Spring Activities

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As the snow begins to wind down, you may think that activities will dwindle down with it. Think again…a Whistler Spring is awesome. There is plenty of spring activities to keep you playing all day long. 

The sun is shining, skies are blue. The first lift is ready to be caught to get some skiing or snowboarding laps in. With the snow melting at the ground level you can also take your bike out of storage and hit the trails to explore the Whistler green. Grab your hiking boots and walk along the freshly melted paths up to the alpine. The possibilities are endless. 

As the days get longer the more activities you can fit. Another great thing about the Spring is that we enter into a time of seasonal deals and offered discounts to make sure you have a fantastic holiday but also save a few bucks. 

Here we will present all the information you need to ensure you pack what you need. And more importantly, a list of options for all the spring activities to keep you smiling. 

What to Pack for Adventures in Whistler This Spring

Organizing your pack for spring activities may seem a bit overwhelming as you’re presented with multiple activities to do this time of year. The key is to create a packing list ready for any type of weather, and any adventure. Remember, as it’s still between winter and summer, the key is to pack easy layers and have a waterproof option on hand. 

Here is an example of what you may need for spring activities: 

a person wearing a blue shirt

Throw on layers before heading outdoors. You never know what to expect.

Everyday Spring Wear

  • Toque or Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • T-shirts
  • Jumpers or Sweaters
  • Pants
  • Your everyday shoes
  • Waterproof boots


  • Snow Pants
  • Thermals (Layers!)
  • Ski Jacket
  • Goggles
  • Helmet
  • Sunscreen
  • Gloves
  • Ski/Snowboard Boot
  • Ski or Snowboard
  • Ski Pass


  • Bike
  • Active Clothing
  • Hiking/Cycling shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Water Bottle 
  • Knee Pads
  • Helmet


  • Active Wear
  • Warm Layers
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Trail shoes or boots
  • Water bottle
  • Map

If you tackle your packing like this it’s much easier to stay organized and plan ahead accordingly. Be sure to double check what the predicted weather is to be during your stay. Have solid shoes, do your homework and you will be golden!

20 Epic Spring Activities to Try This Season in Whistler

  1. Skiing or Snowboarding

Whistler and Blackcomb are still open, so you can keep getting your laps in. It’s pretty awesome when you get a warm, sunny ski day on the mountain. Plus lifts are open till later as the light lasts longer. 

2. Backcountry Skiing or Snowboarding

Spring is a great time of year to get your touring in for the year. Snow is usually in good condition as avalanche risk is not as high. Whistler is known for its vast backcountry scene, highly recommended to always go with at least another person or group. 

3. Whistler Bungee

Man above water after bungee jumping in Whistler

Any time of year, Whistler Bungee is open to get your adrenaline pumping.

Looking for a thrilling adrenaline rush to add into your spring adventure. Visit the Whistler Bungee and throw yourself off a bridge overlooking the Cheakamus river. Always a great view from whatever angle you’re looking at. 

4. Zipline!

Superfly Zipline offers multiple tours a day to take you to new heights and soar above or through the treeline located on cougar mountain. This is an exhilarating family fun experience where you can also learn about Whistler’s ecosystem and sustainable efforts. 

5. ATV Tours

Another really fun group or family activity is the ATV tours with Canadian Wilderness Adventures. With a few different tours on offer dependant on skill level or experience the guides will take you on an enjoyable adventure in the Callaghan Valley and see the views that are on offer. 

6. Forged Axe Throwing

Spring comes with still a different array of weather, rain being one of them. If the weather is not looking too good then venture down to Function Junction located 15min south of the main village. Forged Axe Throwing is a really fun activity where you’re taught to throw axes and aim for the bullseye. A truly Canadian experience at a fantastic price. 

7. Escape Room Whistler

Located at the base of the Hilton Hotel is this interactive game where your group has to beat the clock in order to escape your room of choice. A great rainy day activity. You must figure out the clues, puzzles, riddles and more to succeed in your mission. Here you can test your collaboration skills with your family or friends. So much fun! 

8. Biking

As the seasons change the biking network comes alive again, allowing for another mode of fun transportation. Biking is huge in Whistler and must-do to try. There are plenty of trails for all skill levels and abilities. Whistler village has several places that offer bike rentals and guided tours. 

9. Audain Art Museum

The Audain Art Museum is located just off the village stroll and is a fantastic place to visit if the weather is a bit poorly. This museum has both contemporary and historical pieces on view plus a rotating exhibit to keep things fresh. The architecture of the building is beautiful and worth a visit. 

10. Vallea Lumina

Located on Cougar mountain this is a multi-media night walk tour through the trees, lights, music and mesmerizing visuals. This is a must-do in Whistler and great for the whole gang. Treat yourselves to some tasty marshmallows and hot chocolates at the base before entering the enchanted forest. 

11. Ancient Cedars Hike

This is a family-friendly hike just north of Whistler that leads you through a trail to see some very old, large trees. It’s approximately a 5km round trip with a couple viewpoints on the route. The road to the trailhead can be quite bumpy so make sure you have an appropriate car that can handle the drive. 

12. White Water Rafting

White water rafting through Whistler

Whistler’s Green River is a favourite run for locals.

The white water rafting re-opens each May for the summer season. Wedge Rafting offers adventures from beginner levels to expert and phone in if not sure which tour is appropriate for you. You will get wet so be sure to wear a bathing suit and bring a waterproof camera! 

13. Whistler Lakes

There are five lakes in Whistler that are lovely to visit on a warmer day. Lost Lake is very popular, and located 10-15min from the main village. Added bonus? It’s dog-friendly! This lake heats up the fastest as it’s one of the smallest. 

Rainbow Park is a great location to rent a canoe, kayak or stand up paddle board from Whistler Eco Tours. The water will still be very cold but if you’re brave enough good opportunity for a polar bear dip! 

14. Function Junctions Breweries

If you’re looking to explore a bit more of a locals-hub, Function Junction is located 15 min south of the main village. Also home to the Forged Axe Throwing. There are two local breweries to check out both Whistler Brewing Company, and Coast Mountain Brewing. Both have their own tastes and styles and, speaking from experience, both are worth checking out. 

15. Blackcomb Helicopters

This helicopter operator is a fantastic way to experience Whistler and it’s scenery by air. Various tours on offer dependant on what you would like your tour to include. Helicopter tours usually land on the 12 000-year-old Cheakamus glacier and tours around the Garibaldi Provincial Park. 

16. Scandinave Spa

Needing some much-needed R & R time, there’s no place better other than the Scandinave spa located 10 minutes north of the village. Experience the hydrotherapy healing cycles of this spa with hot tubs, cold plunges, sauna, steam rooms, and solariums. 

17. The World Ski & Snowboard Festival

This festival celebrates arts, sports, and the Whistler culture within April. This five-day festival packs all the events that you will not want to miss out. See the famous 72-hour Filmmaker Showdown, or watch the steepest ski race in the world on the Saudan Couloir.

18. Whistler Fishing

There are plenty of spots throughout Whistler’s rivers and lakes to catch fish. You can book with local guide that can take you to a few secret spots within this town and also show you some of the amazing landscapes. Even if you’re new to the sport of fishing, with a guide you are sure to walk away with so much knowledge. 

19. Yoga

woman rolling up the yoga mat

Sunday morning is the perfect time to hit up Yoga in Whistler.

Need a place to detox and stretch out those muscles from all these activities. Whistler has a few yoga places on offer. Yogacara is located in Whistler village offering various styles. Once sign up you can also book through an app so that it fits in with your schedule. 

20. Imagine 8 Cinemas

Looking to catch the latest flick? No problem. Visit the Imagine 8 Cinema where all the current movies are on show. Tip: Order movie tickets online if one that’s newly released and guaranteed to have crowds. Popcorn, candies and drinks offered at the concession. 

Whats On Your Spring To-Do List?

As you can see there are several spring activities up for grabs. Spring in Whistler is an awesome time to visit as you can experience several opportunities at once that you would not necessarily get to try at other times in the year. 

Be sure to pack appropriately for your spring adventure and use the packing template above to make sure you don’t miss anything. Enjoy the plethora of Whistler Spring activities!